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Top 5 Messaging Apps For 2019

Being able to communicate with friends, family and co-workers on multiple channels is important and it’s one of the reasons why messaging apps have become one of the leading genres on the app market.

In this article I’ll share my absolute favourite messaging apps that I think you should try out this year.

Top 5 Messaging Apps For 2019

#5 Kakao Talk (KaTalk)

Kakao is essentially the WhatsApp of Korea and it has a massive user-base with virtually everyone over there using it, in fact over 150 million users have installed this messaging app.

This is one of those all-in-one messaging apps which allows you to manage everything inside one app.

One of the things I like about this app is that it is cross-platform which means you can continue the conversation whether you’re on PC or mobile phone.

#4 GroupMe

If you like group messaging apps then this should definitely be installed on your phone.  The GroupMe messaging app allows you to send group SMS messages but what makes it different to traditional texting is that everyone in that group chat can interact with one another.

This is perfect for managing events, organizing your team or keeping touch with family and friends when you’re on holiday, great messaging app I love it!

#3 Snapchat

The thing I love most about Snapchat is that for me it’s about capturing real-time moments and sharing with friends. It’s by far the most fun messaging app on this list and it’s been on my phone before it sold for bajillions of dollars.

#2 Facebook Messenger

I’ve had Facebook messenger on my phone for a long time and it’s mainly to stay in touch with my parents because I don’t have Facebook app on my phone at all so this allows me to stay in touch without having it’s big brother installed on my phone.

Video calling and instant messaging is about the most I’ll ever use this for but because of its user-friendliness it makes it easy for my parents to speak with me.

#1 Nimbuzz

Nimbuzz has a large database of over 200 million users and comes with a lot of the features that you’d already be familiar with like video/voice calling, conference calls, chat rooms, file sharing etc.

You can also call landlines (international and local) as well as mobile keep in mind this is a paid option.

This messaging app has a nice and simple user-interface and is not bloated with unnecessary features.

If you’re looking for a totally new messaging app to try out then give Nimbuzz a shot.


The best messaging apps are the ones that allow you to stay up to date on what’ happening inside each of your various social groups whether that’s family, friends and work and with these top 5 best messaging apps mentioned above you should have everything covered – if you haven’t got one of these installed on your mobile device give it a go, it may replace two or three of your existing messaging apps.

John Paul
John Paul
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