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Top 5 Classroom Technology Trends

Top 5 Classroom Technology Trends

Technology is pervasive. No matter what, it binds us. It has become our part and partial of our life right from how we communicate to how we were indulging in shopping. Now technology has invaded even the education sector. Once classrooms adopt the technology, one can start experiencing the real potential of technology.

The introduction of technology into classrooms will help students to develop skills that are required to sustain in the technology-based economic world. The blend of technology into learning has shifted a phase of an education to a different world. Let’s have a look at top five classroom technology trends that has proved to be productive.


Ebook Trends

E-books are equal to say hundreds of textbooks. The school does not have to make many physical copies of textbooks. They can be accessed more quickly all that in one place in a single tablet. There is no need to buy textbooks whenever a new edition comes out; all you just have to do is to update the latest version of your tablet by just a click. Many educational apps are trending these days.

It makes reading easy with an option of font flexibility. One would not have to make a visit to a library as they can check out books on e-books as there are available instantly. It is just a reflection of a future pathway in an education sector. Altogether it emphasizes interactive learning.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Trends

Virtual reality is well suited for all types of learning styles. It would mainly eradicate a language barrier that is mostly faced by students learning abroad. Here students would witness active participation rather than passive participation. Students wouldn’t have to face any distractions.

It would prove to of great help in understanding the complexity of various subjects through visualization. Here students can be engaged for a longer period compared to that of traditional classrooms. They would experience their space of learning. On and ought it is entirely productive.

Social Media

Social Media Trends

Social Media is thought to be very distractive in the prospectus of education. But is not, it is a shorter side of view. It is proved to very effective when used in a right manner through planned strategy and a good infrastructure supporting it.

A group of students can come together through the online group where they can discuss various concepts regarding various assignments and projects. It can act as a medium that is both enjoyable and understanding.

Flipped Classrooms

Flipped Classrooms Trends

Flipped Classrooms are booming in education institutions. It is an initiation to self-learning. Here students would listen to video lectures before the class starts and home works are done in class.

When students do not understand concepts clearly, they can just clarify their doubts and get answers within a second. Frustrations regarding home works can be avoided. Another significant advantage would be if a student falls sick then there wouldn’t be lagging behind the concepts thought. Instead, they can catch with lectures in an easier way through flipped classrooms.

Mind Mapping

Mind MappingTrends

Mind Mapping makes learning more interactive. It is multi-dimensional. In education sector mind mapping is used in decision making, project management, visualizing concepts, improvement in writing and reading skills, enhances critical thinking and brainstorming sessions.

Mind mapping method is productive that helps students in gathering information and understanding the concepts clear cut. It is proved to be more useful for students with dyslexia.

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