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Top 5 Academic Paper Tutoring Online Resources

Academic writing is no joke. If you are trying and mostly failing to master the craft, you are not alone. Fortunately, there are several resources online that can aid you in your efforts. Some people frown at the idea of students using the internet to hone their writing skills.

But this attitude is wrong. There is nothing wrong with asking for help, especially for students. The internet has made it so much easier for people to share knowledge. If you need convenient tutoring services, you can visit studymind.co.uk. You require help in finishing your academic papers, the following resources could prove useful to your efforts:

Academic Paper Tutoring Online Resources

1). The Princeton Review

Some people know this resource as Tutor.com. Regardless of the name you choose to use, the services offered remain unchanged. The Princeton Review has experts that are well-versed in over forty subjects. If the stats are to be believed, they help over five thousand students with their papers every single night.

They can accumulate such numbers over a short period because many of the conversations between students and experts are so short. This is another advantage of the resource. You are guaranteed rapid solutions to all your problems regardless of whether your paper concerns art, science, language or any other subject,

And in case you are concerned, the website carefully screens every tutor it brings on board. So you can take comfort in the fact that the people expanding your knowledge are professionals in their fields. This website’s services are not free. They charge a monthly fee which, most people agree, is quite fair for the tools they bring to the table.

But if the website has partnered with your school, which they will do on occasion, you can take advantage of the free tutoring hours they sometimes offer.

2). Legitimateessaywriting.com

This is the one website you need in your corner if you rely heavily on essay writing services.

Despite what some people might think, Essay Writing Services are not actually illegal. Students use them all the time to complete their papers.

They are particularly useful to students in college who are sometimes overwhelmed by the amount of work they have to complete in a relatively short period. However, because so many essay writing services are terrible, delivering poor quality content to desperate customers, some people avoid them altogether.

Legitimateessaywriting.com is a review website that is targeted towards such jaded individuals. It exists to review and legitimate essay writing service​ on your behalf, separating the good from the bad and making sure that you only trust your papers to the highest quality service providers in this field.

The website’s reviews carry weight because it uses educators and college tutors to assess essay writing platforms. As such, you can approach the essay writing services it recommends with confidence.

3). Jiskha

This resource is fascinating because it is free. So college students that are broke will appreciate its services. The tutors it houses are volunteers. If you have a question, you can post it and someone will eventually answer it. The service is unreliable in the sense that you are dealing with volunteers that are not always available.

As such, the answers you want are not always immediate. But, again, this service is free, so you cannot complain. It is also perfect for anyone that is struggling with a tricky educational challenge.

4). Writing Commons

This is a great educational tool for anyone that wants to fine-tune their writing abilities. Rather than tutors, it provides articles on a variety of subjects. You can use it to learn and master all the technical elements associated with the writing of an academic paper. It will teach you about punctuation, grammar, essay formatting and every other factor that is relevant to your education.

5). Presto Experts

If you are looking for more hands-on tutoring, you will appreciate this resource. Unlike other websites that expect you to place your queries in a pool for tutors to fight over, this tool puts you directly in contact with an educator. It allows you to search for, identify, and then contact a tutor. After that, you can communicate via email and live chat.

The services of the tutor are not free. Once you start communicating, they will tell you the rates they charge for the task you need to be done. Once you pay, they will proceed to help you.


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