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Top 4 Tech Trends of 2021

Technology is in a rush and progressing faster than ever. Technology has evolved a lot during the outbreak of Covid-19. We realized how helpless we are without modern techs. We have to be static with the current trends and keep an eye on future trends as well. Today, we will discuss the top four tech trends of 2021.

Top 4 Tech Trends of 2021

The first and foremost technology trend on my list is quantum computing. Quantum computing takes advantage of quantum entanglement and quantum phenomena. It can easily query, monitor, and analyze data. We have seen vast usages of quantum computing while developing covid-19 vaccines. Apart from regular usages, it is heavily used in the banking sector worldwide. It can easily calculate credit risk for high-volume trading and detecting fraud.

Now, quantum computers are several times faster than our regular computers. Tech giants like Google, Microsoft, Honeywell, Splunk, AWS, etc., are investing millions in this industry. You will be surprised to know that the revenues for the global quantum computing market are predicted to exceed 2.5 billion us dollars by the end of 2029. All you need to understand is machine learning, information theory, linear algebra, probability, etc., to deal with quantum computing.

The second trendy tech is edge computing. Edge computing is the upgraded version of cloud computing. Cloud computing is present, and edge computing is the future. Edge computing is created to deal with the shortcomings of cloud computing. The latency problem creates a massive pain in the case of cloud computing.

On the contrary, you can hold edge computing ‘on edge’ closer to where the computing needs to happen. Thus, edge computing can quickly process time-sensitive data in remote locations without connecting to a centralized location. Here, edge computing can act like mini datacenters. The more people use IoT (Internet of Things) devices; the more popular edge computing will be. The global edge computing market is about to reach $6.72 billion within 2022.

Thirdly, cyberspace is the future, and cybersecurity will play a crucial role for sure. Cybersecurity is nothing new as it is here for a while. However, the importance of cybersecurity is getting higher every day. No system is secure, and there is no ending to cybercrimes, and you may need abogados de accidentes anytime. When we felt safe with our antiviruses, we have seen the massive destructions of ransomware. Apart from malware, the hackers will not stop phishing for our data anytime soon. They will try to breach the security no matter what precaution we take. As long as we have hackers, we have to prioritize cybersecurity.

You will get proof of its trendiness if you look at the number of jobs available for cybersecurity. These jobs are growing three times faster than other tech jobs. This cybersecurity arena is so challenging, which is why six trillion us dollars will be spent globally on cybersecurity by 2021.

My final pick is RPA, aka Robotic Process Automation. We can understand its nature from its name. The purpose of RPA is to automate business processes like- processing transactions, interpreting applications, replying to emails, dealing with data, and so on.

RPA technology is automating jobs. According to Forrester Research, RPA automation will threaten the livelihood of 230 million people worldwide. It will take the position of 9% of the global workforce. McKinsey predicts that RPA can automate 5% of the total occupations, and 60% can be partially automated. Besides, RPA will create some new opportunities for the developers, business analysts, project managers, consultants, solution architects, etc.

Finally, these four trendy techs will rule next five years at least. You can choose any of these opportunities to secure your position in the coming days.

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