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Top 3 Software for Voice Over Artists

There are dozens of different types, makes, and brands of voice over software that you can find on the market. But since you are most likely to try out only a few of them, we have decided to narrow down your search to the top three.  This article will look at the different types of software for voice over artists, what they are best for, and why.

As a voice over artist, there is different software that you need to be conversant with. Not all software is the same or will produce the same results with regards to recordings and editing, whether you are recording at your home studio or even when you are on the go. But for the sake of making your search a lot easier, we will be looking at software for recording and editing, as well as other tools that you might need as a voice artist.

Types of Voice over Software

There are different types of software that a voiceover artist needs to record and edit audio clips. Generally, voice over software can be divided into four broad categories:

  1. Multi-track recorders (Digital Audio Workstations, or DAWs)
  2. Audio Editors
  3. Miscellaneous studio software
  4. Plugins

But for the sake of the top 3 software for voice over artist, we will keep our focus on audio editors and multi-track recorders, which are both common to virtually all recording software environments.


If you are a voice over artist on a very tight budget, then you might want to consider software that is free to use. However, there is a lot of voice over software that is affordable. Audacity is a very popular program built for both Mac and PC. It is a high performing audio editor that is also very reliable. In terms of audio recording, it is decent! And it offers a set of reasonable editing tools. It is definitely a highly functional program that a voice over artist should consider.

The software has its downside, but if you are willing to look beyond its basic user interface, and the need to learn the rudiments of audio recording and editing in order to use it, then you should have nothing to worry about. Also, you may find that some key features are missing, but hey! It is free software.


Cubase is a popular recording program that is known worldwide and used by professional producers and voiceover artists – and VO companies. It is loaded with a lot of functionalities that allow you to do anything you want with your audio clip, whether you are recording or editing. Unlike Audacity, the software isn’t free – the full version costs about 400 pounds, while the Cubase Artist version costs about 190 pounds.  It is not just used for voice over projects; it is designed to handle any kind of audio project that you throw at it.

In addition to all the amazing things that you can do in DAW software, Cubase has exceptional midi capabilities. The newer versions come with interactive online capabilities that will allow you to collaborate with other voice over artists and producers around the world.  If you are looking to take your voice over career to the next level, then you really should consider Cubase.

Adobe Audition

If you are looking for an affordable alternative to the high-end voice over programs, then you should consider Adobe Audition. This software is popular for obvious reasons; it is fantastic, packed with a wide range of functionality. The best part is that it comes with a multi-track section that allows you to expand the limits to what you can do with it. 

With the Adobe Audition, you can record and edit, line up music with audio tracks and add some effects to your recording. However, it is definitely no match for Cubase, but it will provide you with the necessary features to grow your voice over career and standout on voice over platforms like Voquent.com

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Ann Castro
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