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The Best Packaging Solution by Leading IML Production

Global RS one of the leading producers of plastic packaging in the world, has offered in-mould labeling (IML) as a finishing technique for several years now. This process permits photo-realistic decoration in high-resolution picture quality. 

At Global RS, the company will now present another dimension in finishing: The new In-Mould Labels appeal to the sense of smell or touch or catch the eye with special printing effects. They communicate with mobile devices, react to differences in temperature, and perform security functions and much more.

Digital watermarks IML solutions with embedded digital watermarks, for example, offer options for integrating additional information: User opinions, recipes, operating instructions and social media can be called up using mobile devices and the relevant app. The watermark is spread invisibly over the entire packaging. At the PoS, it replaces the barcode. The checkout assistant no longer has to twist and turn the packaging when scanning, which results in time savings of 50 per cent of the total expense. 

Decor for all the senses

Whether chocolate, lemon or a meadow in spring, the consumer can check what the product smells like from the packaging. The seductive IML effect fragrance is particularly suitable for confectionery, homecare and cosmetic products. The pleasant aroma can either be permanently exuded or released by rubbing. There are also new tactile surface effects which entice the consumer to feel the product – for instance soft to the touch, satin-smooth or with the natural structure of orange peel.

Effective eye-catcher

Various finishes underline the high quality of a packaging’s contents; the raised structure of the »Tactile Coating« generates an exciting 3D effect. Spot coating provides selected print areas with a special sheen. The elegant metallic effect of »Metallic Foil« ensures a glamorous appearance. 

The current trend: transparent or translucent. The new, extremely transparent super clear is as clear as glass. It is suitable above all for products which were traditionally filled in glass and have now been switched over to a light, unbreakable plastic packaging.

The translucent ultra clear gives the packaging an emotional color scheme – for example a fresh lemon yellow or raspberry red. Printing with covering white provides an ideal interplay with these transparent or translucent materials.

Covering white guarantees optimum opacity and, for example, ensures your brand logo shines in brilliant white heat or backlight sensors. Whether hot or cold: The thermo chromatic writing changes color when the right temperature is reached.

Thermo Chase, for instance, enables you to determine whether the cooling has been set ideally for a food product. With the backlight function, writing, symbols and motifs change to a different color under backlight. This effect can be used to enhance product safety or as an eye-catching gimmick. 

Peel-off Labels

The new peel-off labels can be peeled off without any problem. The rear of the Peel-off Labels can also be printed.

Samples of the new IML Edition can be ordered. Interested parties can order their personal sample packaging.

Ann Castro
Ann Castro
Ann Castro is a lead author at Techicy who writes on Technology, Home Improvement, and Businesses around the world. With a background in Journalism, Ann has a professional experience of more than seven years working with some of the big media companies. She is also an avid traveler, a singer, and a guitarist.


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