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Top 3 Smartphones for Vlogging 2020

Thanks to technology, the world seems smaller and smarter compared to the recent past. Today people can explore and discover a lot through intelligent devices. People can work at the comfort of their homes and anywhere, using the digitalized and smartphones. New terms such as Vlogging are now common, a simple way to earn extra cash. It’s also fun where you make videos and reach your audience quickly. Vlogging is embraced by many who take it as a full-time activity. However, for beginners or people who want quality and simplicity to start Vlog, you require equipment such as a camera, stands, SD card, etc. A smartphone device will do just fine for the video making. The hiccup only arises when choosing the best smartphone for vlogging. There are different brands with wonderful smartphones, but not all have the potential to make perfect vlogs. Today we check what are the best smartphones for vlogging .

Why use a smartphone for vlogging?

Vlogging requires high-quality devices to produce high-definition images and videos.  A smartphone designed for vlogging offers perfect videos and proper audio without the need to incorporate external gadgets.

  • Easy and affordable

A smartphone is easy to operate and doesn’t require much setting to work. It’s also affordable compared to when buying a camera, a stand, and other equipment for vlogging.

  • Portable

It’s easier to move around with your smartphone, where you can make videos anywhere.

  • Flexible and lightweight

It’s flexible to use as the camera can be used both for video and images, where one can do selfies using the phone. It can also take mounted anywhere, and no other equipment is attached.

Best smartphone for vlogging

  1. Apple IPhone x

Apple’s brand is famous for the quality products it makes; the Apple iPhone X is among the first choice for every vlogger. The camera is well-designed and clear to capture all activities. Its best for travel vlog and offers quality images. The smartphone has an excellent recording of 4K at 60fps and a 12MP dual camera. The light, audio, and automated HDR. The display is impressive with a good capacity of 5.8 inches and retina, with pure tone and HDR.

Apple IPhone x

The Apple IPhone X has two cameras, the front and back. The front camera goes for 7MP; it has water and dustproof. The phone uses a wireless charger working with Qi chargers. The smartphone is easy to use, durable and best for vlogging.

  1. Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

   The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is the new revolutionary smart device for Vloggers. The Galaxy S20 is equipped with four cameras and flash at the back. It can have multiple videos and pictures simultaneously thus working best in Vlogging videos. the smartphone has 12GB Ram and a total storage of 128 GB with slot card. The device has a perfect and quality camera and video recording of 108MP, f/1.8 wide angel an ultra-wide camera of 12MP f/2.2, 48 MP f1/8 and a Telephoto camera with 8K recording of 24fps. The Galaxy S20 is light weight and has clear images and videos. it has perfect amount of light with a reliable battery. The smartphone has an appealing look as it comes with two colors cosmic grey and cosmic black. Nice stereo speakers with good voice and loud enough for video recording and other activities.

  1. Apple iPhone 11 Pro max

Apple iPhone 11 Pro max

The Apple IPhone 11 pro max is the perfect solution for Vloggers, thanks to the four cameras installed for clear videos and pictures. The cameras have light adjustments where they can give clear photos even on low/dim light. The smartphone is equipped with ultra-wide lens to help in adjusting and animating the background scene. The lens makes the scene look epic and beautiful. It has a RAM of 4GB and a total storage with no card of 64GB. The battery life is long not to disappoint during video recording. its light weight and easy to use thus ranking among top best smartphones for Vlogging.

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