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Top 3 Apps for Better Employee Tracking

Wouldn’t you agree that people are finding smarter ways to trick technology? Some time ago, employers were using PC monitoring apps and employee screenshot monitoring software to keep track of their employees’ productivity. They could check their browser history, email history, etc. to make sure that they were working and not wasting precious time. Then, employees evolved and found ways of using the company’s Wi-Fi for personal browsing. However, employers have beaten smart employees by using android spying apps on company-issued cell phones. Now employees cannot go off the grid during work hours. Also, there are several apps such as employee time tracking app, which can help the employer get better hold of their staff’s time usage and thus, can easily hold them accountable for poor time management.

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As an employer, you may want to know what sort of information your employees share with one another or outsiders using their cell phone. You would want to know if they are following orders while they are in the field, or partying somewhere. You would want to know if they spend more time browsing on your internet expenses or use resources for work and productivity.

Let’s look at three famous android spying apps frequently used to monitor employees stealthily:

Top 3 Stealthy Android Spying Apps

  1. XNSPY

Xnspy is a complete and effective spying app that you can find for monitoring any android device. If you’ve never used such an app earlier, I will recommend it as number one because it works on all kinds of Android platforms.

XNSPY APPAfter you subscribe to it and install it on the target device, you can access the dashboard using login credentials that you will receive via email. Once the app installs, it disappears amidst the list of installed apps on the target device. It doesn’t drain the battery too soon, doesn’t cause the target device to hang, and doesn’t cause the device to slow down. These features of the app make it a good stealthy tracking app.

You can go to the settings and set preferences for alerts on the features that you would want to receive. There’s a lot that you can do with this spying app. For starters, you can block installed apps, like WhatsApp, Skype, KIK, Viber, LINE, Facebook Messenger, etc. You can read entire threads of conversations on these apps, via text messages, and via email too. Whatever the target does, shows on the dashboard.

You also get access to the target’s call logs, contacts, photos and videos, GPS location history, and browser history. You can listen to recorded calls, which the app automatically records and uploads to the dashboard. After uploading the files, the app deletes them from the SD-card, where they stay temporarily. This way, the target person doesn’t suspect anything while you eavesdrop on conversations without physically being close by.

You can watchlist contacts so that the app alerts you whenever they communicate with your target person. You can watchlist specific words too so that the app informs you whenever there is the usage of these words in text messages, Emails, or IM chats. You can also watchlist places using the Geo-fencing feature in Xnspy. This feature allows employers to make sure that their staff is not lying about their whereabouts and following orders while they are out in the field.

In addition to all this, the app allows users to lock the device, take screenshots, and in extreme cases, wipe off the entire data. By the way, it is also available for iOS devices, both jailbroken and non-jailbroken. This one is specially designed to maintain stealth mode throughout its usage.

  1. AntiVirus PRO Android Security

AVG Antivirus Pro Android Security is a full protection alternative that works in real-time. You can scan apps installed on the device, locate the lost phone, kills tasks that cause the device to slowdown, optimize the battery, storage, and hide private photos. It has a lock protection, camera trap that sends emails of photos that someone may try to unlock, wipe the phone and SD content, and lock the device. You can also lock apps installed on the device, see call history and browser history. However, it falls weak in comparison to XNSPY in terms of monitoring features that it offers.

  1. Spy Voice Recorder

Spy Voice Recorder

This app is for manual use. Once you download it on a target device, you must turn on the recorder before it starts recording by touching the icon on the home screen. To stop recording, again you need to hold the target device in hand and touch the icon. It also saves the recorded files on the SD-card. Recording continues even when the screen is off and while other programs are in use. It works on all android devices. Therefore, you have to be very quick and sneaky in order to use this app to spy on a target person. Unlike XnSpy, which allows you to turn on or off the recorder remotely, this app requires manual handling. Besides, this app is ideal for users who simply want to stick to onefeaturedapp.

Expert’s Verdict on the Android Spying Apps

Conclusively, choosing the right monitoring app is easy once you’ve decided the features that you need. This depends on the purpose of the app or the goals you want to achieve while using these apps.

If you are an employer or a concerned parent looking out for accountability in your employees, or the safety of kids, then XNSPY is ideal. On the other hand, if you simply need an app that is more of antivirus than a tracking app then the AVG Android Security App is not a bad idea. Lastly, if you only want to record conversations then you may want to try the Spy Voice Recorder.

Top 3 Apps for Better Employee TrackingHowever, in terms of cost effectiveness, always go for apps that offer more features, that deliver everything as promised, are easy to use, and that offer aguarantee. Always check customer reviews of the apps before purchasing them.

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