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Top 2020 Technology Trends You Should Know

With all smiles and enthusiasm, we embarked on the journey of yet another year – 2020. Like, every year, this year has got ‘pocket full of trends’ too. Looking at the history of moderations that has taken place previously in industry trends – this year is going to be the year of digitalization.

Top 2020 Trends You Should Know

Although many industry leaders have already initiated their business transformation, there still exist the majority of enterprises that are yet to confirm their take on smart ERP software. In accordance with the same, this year has a lot to render in terms of digital operations or technology.

Let’s take a look at some of the top-rated 2020 digital trends that are must for you to know…

  1. The Augmented Reality Trend

Gone are the days when you augmented reality was considered leisure for an organization, it is indeed an asset, especially in the field of retail and manufacturing industries. Ordering sunglasses sitting at home that perfectly suits your face is now no more a challenge only because of AR technology.

Inspiring from a few companies that have already achieved name and fame owing to the latest AR technologies, other industries too are now making their move towards the same. This for sure is going to be the greatest hits in the year 2020.

  1. The Intelligent Business Analytics Trend 

In this fast-moving era, you just cannot rely on manual reporting or legacy software to gain insights on the overall company’s performance and progress. There’s a need for a sophisticated system to empower you to make critical-decisions.

Business intelligence tools offer a lot to boost your overall understanding of the business processes and performances.

Interactive dashboards, predictive stats, inbuilt artificial intelligence and a lot more, business analytics is the next big trend of the year that help growing enterprises’ helps achieve their goals faster.

  1. Internet of Learning Trend

IoT is the ‘thing’ these days that could take your business to the next level. It helps streamline business operations and automate mundane tasks to add more productivity and efficiency to your business. For example, in inventory business, there’s this ‘smart warehouses’ thing that automatically locates the inventory required and prepares the unique QR code as per the order.

  1. The Robotic Process Automation Trend

Consider this as the miniature robots handling your daily challenges rendering you more power to focus on valuable tasks. The creation of invoices on payment automatically could be one such typical example of RPA that helps growing companies save time on manual tasks.

That’s it for top trends for the year 2020. If you’re yet to decide on which technology to go for to optimize your business processes, you can feel free to reach out to trusted partners in system automation – Uneecops Technology Pvt. Ltd. The company is #1 SAP Business One Partner, the best ERP software in India with a proven record of successful ERP implementation. It not just helps you with the implementation process but with the consultation too on which ERP system should you go for to achieve your goals.

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