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Top 10 Tools For Budding Social Media Stars

Any good digital marketer knows that social selling is a clear route to success right now! In this article, we’ll share ten tools that social media stars use every day. If you want to make it big on the internet, check out these platforms and apps!

op 10 Tools For Budding Social Media Stars

1: Instagram

It’s hard to believe an app that started as a photo editor has become such a force for marketing, but Instagram has quickly established itself as the authority in image sharing. As well as the main feed, stories and IGTV have become worthy tools for getting your brand’s message across. And if you’re the brand, even better – prospective followers and customers will love the opportunity to make an authentic connection through regular interactions.

2: Facebook

The OG social media platform is making something of a comeback. Videos have fuelled this resurgence, with social stars using Facebook as an alternative to YouTube and Instagram for enhanced interaction with their audience. Facebook Ads are also an effective option for digital marketing, offering insights and analytics to help your business grow.

3: YouTube

The video-sharing site has created countless high-earning stars. It’s a popular destination for casual viewers and dedicated fans alike, and if you want to make it big online, it’s important to have a strong YouTube presence.

4: Twitter

Witty quips and sincere interaction with followers is the real strength of Twitter. Image and video sharing helps to get the conversation flowing, while polls allow you to gauge opinions in a fun and engaging way.

5: Pinterest

Don’t sleep on Pinterest! Use it to promote your posts on other platforms, and to gather ideas for your own creative output.

6: Photolemur

Image is everything online, and you need a decent photo editor to enhance your beautiful pictures. Photolemur is a consistently popular option for social stars; check out the Digital Software Products review.

7: Grammarly

If you’re writing online content, the last thing you want to do is make a mistake with the copy. Grammarly is an excellent desktop tool (with an optional browser plug-in) that helps you to catch errors and brush up your written words.

8: Trello

Keeping organised can be difficult when you’re a social influencer. Trello helps you to stay on top of your professional and personal tasks, and the user interface is so beautiful that we can’t stay away!

9: iMovie

A good-quality editor is important if you’re producing video content. iMovie is bundled with Macs, iPhones, and iPads, and we’re impressed with both its ease of use and the end result. If you have an Apple device, ensure you download it!

10: Hemingway

If your focus is on written content, use Hemingway to elevate your output. As well as spelling and grammar, this desktop app gives you information about readability, difficult words and phrases, and suggestions for improvement. Dazzle your readers with perfect content, every time!

Which apps are your favourites? Let us know in the comments below!

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John Paul
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