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Top 10 Best Test Management Tools to Choose From This 2020

Top 10 Best Test Management Tools to Choose From This 2020

As innovations invade digital operations with the growing need for efficiency and accuracy, businesses should also adopt technological solutions to address problems.

One of these solutions is a test management tool, which is essential in ensuring more accurate and quicker results. But test management tools also help you save considerable time and effort, which you can channel to improve other aspects of your business.

But choosing a test management tool is often tricky with the many options available. In this article, we’ll show you the tools with excellent features based on relevant and timely reviews. With this, you can evaluate and select the best tool that best suits your business’ needs. Make sure to make a thorough comparison before purchasing one.

Here is a secret worth knowing. Selecting the best management tool all starts with exploring the various options, their pricing plans, and features, and registering for their free trials as part of the evaluation.

Without further ado, here are the tools to prioritize for selection.

1.  Practitest

With some of the most exciting and advanced features, PractiTest is considered a rising star in the test management tool market. It comes with a SaaS end to end QA management system, which allows testers to focus on their actual work and its quality rather than side tasks.

PractiTest sets a new standard of data intelligence with its reports and dashboards that ensures visibility and efficiency. You can efficiently organize your requirements while using its customizable and unique filters. You can also use these filters to create and run tests (Scripted, Automated, and Explanatory), diagnose bugs, and generate reports.

The tool integrates and functions seamlessly with the significant bug tracking tools such as Redmine, JIRA, Bugzilla, and Pivotal Trackers, including different automation tools such as Jenkins and Selenium. You can also customize for other process needs using PractiTest’s powerful API.

PractiTest is the only test management tool that meets the guidelines and standards of ISO 27001 and SOC2 Type 2. They also have an excellent and highly-responsive support system, making it ideal, especially for businesses that just started exploring the world of test automation. The PractiTest team can provide methodological or technical guidance in as fast as five minutes on the average.

2. qTest

Amongst the QA and Agile teams, qTest is among the tools which stand out. It offers an easy to use, easy to learn, and lightning-fast test management for software development and testing teams. It also integrates and functions seamlessly with automation tools and ALMs such as JIRA.

The processes of QA are now much more efficient, simpler, and faster with the use of qTest. It includes Test case repository, Defect Tracking, Integration, Test Execution, Reporting, and Manage Requirements.

With its superior features, qTest is now one of the rapidly-growing test management solutions available. Make sure to add it to your testing tool list for evaluation and avail of its free trial to see how it works.

3. Zephyr

Powering more than 5 million users across 100 countries and 18 000 customers, Zephyr is among the most widely used test management tools today. Through widely-adopted advanced automation, quality management, and analytics tools, Zephyr is leading the global transformation toward Continuous Testing Agility and DevOps.

With a variety of deployment options, Zephyr can address your specific needs. Among these options are Data Center, Cloud, and Server. JIRA, Confluence, including Automation and Continuous Integration tools, can function and integrate well with Zephyr.

More companies and teams today rely on Zephy’s unmatched scalability, support, and end-to-end solutions.

4. Test Collab

Test Collab is an easy-to-understand and quick-to-setup test management solution. It has helped hundreds of enterprises improve their QA process for the last seven years. It also comes with special features on test plants, requirements management, scheduling, agile methodology, and time tracking.

To produce exciting insights and trends for managers, Test Collab launched a new test intelligence report in April 2018 to mine all the project’s executions and cases. It now offers test suite heatmap, distribution by test failure rates, and burndown charts.

5. TestFLO for JIRA

TestFLO is a JIRA-add-on that comes with a repository of test cases that provides a detailed test management process into JIRA, leading to the creation and copying of a rapid Test Plan. The tool provides extensive reporting and traceability metrics such as statistics and JIRA metrics to integrate requirements and defects smoothly. It can also harmonize with Agile Projects and Teams to ensure flexible configurations.

TestFLO allows you to run tests from JIRA and publish test results in real-time since it can integrate with CI tools like Bamboo or Jenkins.

6. XQual

At very light pricing, you can use some of the most advanced test management solutions that XQual offers. Using this specialized tool, you can manage not less than your specifications, bugs, tests, requirements, campaigns, and risks.

XQual complements any type of test, including nearly 70 connectors for all the best automation frameworks on the market and five different manual testing interfaces. Among these are: TestNg, Sikuli, QF-Test, JMeter, Selenium, Ranorex, JUnit, TestComplete, SoapUi, RobotFramework, QTP/UFT, and Junit.

The tool can also integrate with various bug-tracking systems or third-party requirements, including a bug-tracking management module and an internal requirement.

7. Xray – Cutting Edge Test Management

In terms of Quality Assurance in Jira, Xray ranks one among the Manual and Automated Test Management App. It can seamlessly integrate with Jira, and it’s a full-featured tool that lives inside. Through practical and efficient testing, the tool helps companies improve the quality of their products. With full requirements traceability, proponents can plan, execute, and track their testing.

Xray supports both automated and manual tests, including Junit, Robot, NUnit, and BDD using Cucumber. It applies to the entire testing phases: test planning, test specification, test organization in a hierarchical or flat approach, execution of the test, and test reporting. It offers specialized Jira issue types so you can access all the benefits of Jira. Moreover, it gives the flexibility to organize and manage them across multiple projects or even in the same projects towards a distinct allocation of concerns.

With Xray’s free add-ons and its built-in REST API, you can easily integrate your favorite Continuous Integration tool such as Jenkins and Bamboo straightforwardly. Today, Xray is one of the tools progressing rapidly for Jira with over 4000 customers in 65 countries.

8. TestRail

To help teams get real-time insights about testing activity and organize testing activities, proponents can leverage TestRail, which offers web-based and comprehensive test case management. Not only will you access reports about test scenarios or cases, but you can likewise have expected results and screenshots. Moreover, you can track and monitor the status of individual tests and measure progress with activity reports and informative dashboards. Another unique feature of TestRail is its ability to compare results across various configurations, test runs, and milestones.

You can also use TestRail to adjust resources and assignments by tracking team workload. Doing that can also lead to a more productive working environment with email notifications, filters, and personalized to-do lists.

With on-premise and cloud-based installation options, TestRail offers varied customizations. It also provides features for larger teams through its new Enterprise edition, including priority support, SAML 2.0 Single Sign-On, and audit logs.

TestRail can seamlessly integrate with collaboration and defect tracking solutions such as Bugzilla, GitHub, Gemini, TFS, FogBugz, and Atlassian Jira, including test automation tools Ranorex Studio and others.

9. Kualitee

Whether you are using a software lifecycle management tool or managing testing in Excel, you can use Kualitee Test Management Tool to make your testing process more efficient and ensure a productive collaboration among the team members. Through a carefully-designed dashboard, you can always stay on top of live progress and assign tasks to the team with ease.

Kualitee also allows you to integrate with different kinds of tools and customize on a level you prefer like defect reports, and filters. So that price suits all sizes of teams, the tool deliberately keeps the price affordable and flexible for both single testers to a group consisting of more than 100.

Special Features:

* Requirements planning

* Custom bug reports

* 3rd party integrations

* Intuitive and friendly interface

* Test case management and issue tracking

* Group and individual progress tracking

* Interactive dashboard

10. Requirements & Test Management for Jira

If you wish to bring the whole software project within the Atlassian suite, you can use this particular tool for quality results. With this app, you can trach test executions, write test cases, report defects inside Jira, and add test cases to test plans.

Benefits and Features:

* Solid support for Jira native functionalities and Agile processes

* Built-in requirements management

* Tree-structured view with folders and subfolders for every module

* Transparent and clear relations among the elements of the app

* Streamline process from the collection of requirements to creating defects

* Plug and play, and effortless configuration

* User-friendly reports for optimal progress tracking including requirement coverage, traceability matrix, and test case execution

* Hassle-free migration of test cases from external tools

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