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Top 10 Android Apps for College Students

In today’s scenario, the truth is that you will not find a single student who does not use a smartphone or its various apps for entertainment and studying.Today, Android provides a huge range of apps which can be very useful for college students in almost every aspect of their life. Basically, these apps acts as a helper for students.

Smartphones were originally designed to help the person and save their time. On the other hand people usually say that the brain is the only tool that you need, but it does not hurt if you will have some free software’s to support your college life. Further, these types of apps are useful for everyone that is, whether you are a student in any traditional college or any online college.

Top 10 Android Apps for College Students

Below mentioned is the list of top 10 and best android apps for all college students:

1. Andie Graph

The first app in the list of top 10 apps is this app which is most commonly used among college students. By using this graphing calculator and by following its various instructions, any student can have a completely functional graphing calculator on their phone which can be easily accessible anywhere. This app can be a life saver for maths students.

2. Dropbox

Another best app in the category of top 10 apps is Dropbox. With this superb app now no college student will be afraid to lose his notes and coursework. With this, you can easily upload different files, photos and documents and download them whenever you need and that too if you forget your phone at home.

3. Easy Voice Recorder

Another superb app for college students is easy voice recorder which will help them to take their notes properly. You can easily record your lectures and listen them whenever you want when you come back home. Further, you can also speed it up and with this you can listen 1 hour lecture in just 30 minutes.

4. Evernote

Another most famous app among college students is Evernote. This app helps you in taking notes and making to do lists for for daily work schedules. It also has a feature bookmarking and composing and it is the perfect app for all types of studies.

5. Mint

Mint is the other most useful app for for college students. Most difficult part of college life is managing expenses and this app will do that with so much ease. It keeps the track of your budget and view up to date information of your account. Further, it is also password protected so your personal information is also secured with it.

6. Pocket

This app is the king of all offline apps. This app basically allows you to store the web pages and videos which you can read or view later and that too offline. It has a feature which supports all types of browsers, unlimited storing and full screen reading. It is also available in premium version which has a lot more features in it.

7. CamScanner

Another app in the list of the best ones is cam scanner. It is basically a productivity tool, but it is handy for all types of college students. By using this app you can scan various documents and save them in your device for later use. Most importantly, it is very simple and easy to use.

8. Scribd

Another most commonly used app by college students is Scribd. Basically, it is the world’s biggest online library. It also helps students to find different documents and important books for their studies. The data stored in this app are shared by various people from all over the world and you can easily access and organize them according to your topic or requirement. Further, you can also create your own library by adding different notes and books of your choice. You can also share them with your friends.

9. Wolfram|alpha

This is the other super innovative app for college students. This app is basically for those who need question answers about college or anything else. Therefore, it has become the world’s famous and definitive source for all types of instant expert knowledge and computation. It also saves a lot of your time and energy. Further, it also covers almost every field like chemistry, physics, maths and many more.

10. Coursera

Last but not the least app in the category of the best ones is Coursera which tries to connect students and professionals from everywhere  with free online courses which are offered by almost 100 global universities and educational institutions worldwide. Further, you can easily watch lectures from the various teachers and instructors and that too anytime and anywhere.

So, the above described are some of the best and top 10 android apps for college students. You can easily choose some of them, which suits your needs the best.

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