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Tips To Keep In Mind While Selecting Baby Monitor

Moment of joy and excitement took over us as the baby crawled for the first time. The move was so graceful and a visual treat, but with this excitement came the feeling of fear what if baby falls down. Safety of the child is parent’s responsibility; no matter how busy you are or what work you have to does nothing can before the safety of your child. This implies that you need to be with your child all the time. As a matter of fact one cannot be around the baby 24/7, there are other chores which need to be attended and you need some relaxation also. So to do away with this fear baby monitor was invented, it gives you the freedom to move in your home while the baby is sleeping.

Selecting Baby Monitor

Baby monitor are made up of transmitters, which records any sound where it is installed and a receiver which you keep to track any sound of movements or cries. However there are video monitors also available, because a video always gives it an added advantage. Monitors are a boon as they provide safety to your child when you are not around. There are a variety of monitors available in the market, so even selecting the right one for your child could be tedious job.

These are a few tips or parameter as per which a monitor can be selected. These tips apply for the selection of any type of monitor that is audio, video, digital or analogue:

1] Clarity of reception– Be it any kind of monitor the video or the audio should be clear enough for you to understand and perceive. The clarity of reception and low static should be the most important consideration before buying a monitor.

2] Portable and compact– The monitor should be both compact and portable, so that it can be easily carried everywhere. It allows you to work comfortably, these days monitors with ultra small receivers are also available.

3] Easy to carry– The monitor should be such that it can be clipped and carried easily throughout the house; also the reception should be good through the house so the freedom of movement can be exercised easily.

4] Alarm system– A monitor should definitely have good alarm system, so that when you are surrounded by loud noise like that of washing machine or television it alerts you.

5] Low battery alert-The monitor should have low battery alert, this helps when the battery goes low it gives you an alarm so as to charge it. It is so that because you are aware of its being switched off, and you are cautious to act accordingly.

6] Range of bandwidth– Depending on the area of your coverage you should select the monitor. A large house will need wider range, whereas a small house will not need as much range. Even the area which can get disrupt by the signal of cell phones or other monitors, a monitor with wider range should be selected to avoid any such disruption.

7] Wireless monitor– Handling a wireless monitor is easier than a wired one. However it should be kept in mind that signal of these devices could be a problem. If in your locality there are people using monitor the signal could get mixed with theirs and give you wrong information. There are also chances that signal from cordless or intercom gets mixed with the signal of your monitor. In order to overcome this issue it is advisable that a monitor with anti-disturbance feature is opted for.

8] Quality of sound– It may appear to you that a visual monitor is better, than audio one, but the fact is that you cannot sit with your eyes glued on the monitor, because you have other work. Had it been that you could sit watching the monitor, you would have sat next to baby. So it is always advisable that your monitor comes with good sound quality. Good sound quality ensures that you get the right message at the right time. Compromising on the sound of the monitor to for any other feature should be avoided.

Expensive monitors are the best ones or brands which have other baby items of top quality will give the best monitor. Rational and logical thinking should be done before investing in a monitor. A monitor should be durable and strong enough for daily use. It should be user friendly and also have all the features that can assure you of your baby’s safety.

Now that you have parameters for the selection of a baby monitor reviews, just go ahead and get one. This will give you some relaxed time and also help you to enjoy your baby and your motherhood.

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