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Tips On Choosing The Right Event Calendar For Your WordPress Website

Are you a marketing professional or a business owner? If yes! Then you may have to organize many events throughout the year to attract and engage more customers with your brand. Having an event calendar can help the visitors of your websites to know the event schedule. Moreover, it helps you display all the important details about the event on your website. We are going to discuss the event calendar and its importance in this article. Moreover, we will introduce you to the Modern Events Calendar for your WordPress website.

Tips On Choosing The Right Event Calendar For Your WordPress Website

Event Calendar

It is similar to a regular calendar that is used to mark reminders and events. The main difference is that the event calendar on your websites only mark with events of your organization. Moreover, these calendars an easy fit on any website and does not specific for a specific industry. It means anyone from any industry can use them. An event calendar has the following features:

  • It can help the visitor to see different events for the week, month, or year.
  • Moreover, it provides important details about the event such as description, name, starts and end date, venue, location and event time.
  • Moreover, it provides a link for registration for the event.
  • Also, it shows important events for your customers, industry, business, and community. An event doesn’t have to be important for you only.

Industries that usually use an event calendar for WordPress website are as follows:

Classes and Workshops

Websites that have online workshops and classes usually use events plugin on their website. So, they can share the information of the class schedule and other details with the students. Moreover, the calendar also shows information about upcoming seminars and workshops.


Finding the best wordpress event calendar is not difficult because there are lots of best event calendars on the internet. Many non-profit organizations use them to promote all kinds of events.

Business Meetings

Businesses can also use event calendars to show details about upcoming appointments and meetings.


Religious organizations and churches also use event plugins to promote all kinds of events such as retreats, gatherings, Bible study, support groups, and classes.

Community Events

Many event organizers use events calendar widget to promote community events so people can know about upcoming festivals.

Why You Need A Calendar?

The main purpose of a website is to provide information to your visitors, customers, and clients. The information about your services and products. The main purpose is to provide this information in a presentable form that a visitor can easily understand. That is why having a WordPress event calendar on your website is very important. It keeps your visitors information about any upcoming event throughout the year.

The calendar should be interactive and user-friendly so that the visitors can easily keep track of coming events. Moreover, it also helps in improving the engagement of a customer and encourages them to register for the event. You can link back the calendar to your social media profiles and posts. Moreover, it makes sure that your social media followers can know about the event.

An event calendar also helps in improving the rankings of your business website in the search results. Every event has a keyword that you can use to rank it to rank the event page in Google search. Moreover, it helps you to display both interactive and static information on the website. If a visitor wants to register for the event, can do so by clicking a link. This link should forward them to the registration page. It should also have the feature of automatic updates when you publish new events on your website. They do not only want to attract an audience but also keep them engaged to your website.

WordPress Event Calendar

This plugin is one of the best options in the market for launching an event management website. Like any other best plugin on the internet, it offers many great options and features to manage an event.  It is a great solution for every kind of event management. It is suitable for different businesses like restaurants, education, communities, etc. Also, it offers various payment gateways to sell tickets for your event.

Key Features:

It has the following key features:

Mobile Responsive

It is designed on the latest technologies and display information correctly on any mobile device.

East Setup

The plugin is easy to setup. You can create interactive event entries with it easily. Setting it up is easy even for a beginner.

Detailed Options and Settings

The plugin offers various options and settings. Using these settings, you can set up any event entry without any problem.

Display Layout

The plugin has 40+ event layouts to choose from. You can choose any layout that best suits the theme of the event.

Booking and Ticketing

A visitor can register for an event and can also buy the tickets online. This free WordPress event calendar is a full package.

Various Payment Gateways

You can earn revenue by selling tickets for the event. It offers various payment gateways which you can use to sell the event tickets online. You do not need to add another plugin for the payment purpose.


If you are the owner or marketer of the organization and your organization hosts many events in a year? Then you must have to install an event calendar plugin on your WordPress website. It helps you to keep your visitors updated about upcoming events. Moreover, it is an easy way to promote your event through Google search and Social media. An event calendar provides all the information about the event such as name, description, time, and date, etc. Moreover, a visitor can register for the event and can also buy tickets online. There are various event plugins available on the internet. One of the best plugins is Modern Event Calendar which is free and comes with numerous great features. Moreover, this plugin has 40+ layout to choose from and display both interactive and static information.

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