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Keep Losing Your Keys? Here’s What You Can Do

We’ve all been through the struggle of not being able to remember where we last kept our things. Whether it’s your cell phone, wallet and the most common of them all, KEYS! Sometimes we just can’t help but forget where we last put them. It could prove to be quite frustrating especially when you have to leave the house in such a hurry but end up running late as usual because you spend a whole hour frantically, desperately searching for your keys in the entire house. Only to find them in the silliest places you could ever think of, which almost seems so bizarre. Know that you’re not alone and this is one the most customary day-to-day struggles.

Keep Losing Your Keys

Losing your keys right when you need them could prove to be quite expensive in terms of time and that time you wish you have some apps like key finder to locate your missing keys. You just might miss an important meeting or event and then spend even more time regretting how you are not being responsible enough.

But don’t beat yourself up! You’ve come to exactly the right place. We’ve brought to you some easy ways you can find your keys in no time and prevent yourself from possibly even losing your keys again in the future!

  1. Invest in a Bluetooth key finder

It would be almost bizarre to not take advantage of the blessings of technology. It’s the 21st century and modern-day problems call for modern-day solutions. If you struggle with memorizing where you last placed your keys, it’s best to invest in a Bluetooth key finder. This hi-tech gadget is a unique solution to your most common problem. Not only is it super inexpensive but it’s also very simple to use, which makes it perfect for everyone! The device is sophisticatedly designed to help you trace your lost keys by emitting sound through the use of transmitters, that go off with the help of your smartphone, to help you find your keys wherever they may be. The best part is this gadget is not only limited to finding your keys, but also other items that you frequently tend to lose, such as, remotes and wallets. Investing in such a product could save you a lot of time in the future, the next time you lose something.

Several other similar products also exist in the market such as the ‘whistle key finder,’ a device that causes your keys to automatically beep whenever you whistle. Not only is it amusing but also a must-have!

  1. Stay Organized

This might not be the exact thing you’d want to read at this point, but news flash! It’s something you need to consider for next time. Daily work schedules could tend to be quite hectic and exhausting but it’s no excuse to stay completely disorganized. Take some time out for yourself and rearrange your room or desk. You might find things you never thought you would recover. This way the next time you ‘lose’ your keys, it won’t be lost but in fact, you might take less than two minutes to find them again. It is because you would be able to see through and you won’t have to dig up through that entire pile of mess. Staying organized is an inexpensive way of never losing anything again.

  1. Set reminders or leave sticky notes

Why not make the most out of what you already have on hand? Use your cell phone to remind yourself of where you last kept your keys using the reminder app. This way you would be able to keep track of the most common places you end up leaving your things subconsciously. Another trick is to use your cell phone and snap a picture before you leave your keys anywhere, though it may fill up your gallery with bizarre items, but hey! You could always look back and laugh at them later.

If you don’t have a smartphone on hand you could even leave sticky notes on your fridge or on your door to remind yourself of where you had kept your keys. This works just as good too.

  1. Put it back in the key holder

I mean what are key holders made for anyway, right? If you don’t have one just invest in one. Sometimes old fashion methods could prove to be the best too. It’s inexpensive and keeps all your keys exactly where they should be regardless of how messy your house is. It’s also less of a hassle for you to keep track of your keys. Simply place them over the key holder before you leave the house and after you’re back. It saves you a lot of time and also from getting annoyed.

  1. Visualize

It’s all in your head! Just calm down, take a seat, relax and think of all the places you’ve been to and where you could’ve possibly left your stuff. It’s best to visualize and also narrate whatever it is that you’ve lost, it helps you to stay focused and also find it faster. If you have a frequent problem of forgetting where you last placed your things then follow the same method and tell yourself out loud exactly where you’re placing your keys. It will train your brain to remember what you’re saying and will ultimately help you find your keys when they go missing.

  1. Have a spare key made

Worst case scenario, you just can’t find your keys and chances are you have possibly dropped them for good instead of just losing them. Don’t blame yourself and it is better to take precautions beforehand than to land you in a mess later. Create a spare key and put in a safe organized place that you’ll remember for sure. You can even give it to your trusted friend to be extra careful. Just as long as you remember where the spare key is, you’ll be just fine.

The Final Word

This common struggle can have pretty simple solutions. You can easily find your keys whenever you want if you follow these steps regularly, before the incident. And in no time you would be out the door and exactly where you need to be. Don’t get frustrated, instead just act smart before your keys try outsmarting you.

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John Paul
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