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Thinking Of Preventing Mobile From Security Threats? Try Kryptowire

Digital safety and security are top of mind these days. As more people turn to digital devices to live and work, stakes grow higher and vulnerabilities become increasingly problematic.   . Mobile phones, in particular, have become the centerpoint of most people’s  personal and professional lives, representing a key area of concern. .

All mobile phones are home to a complex array of code modules, spanning up to hundreds or even thousands of applications. Every time someone accesses a mobile phone, they leave a digital “trail” in the form of recognition modules. . Savvy hackers are able to take advantage of weaknesses in application code and hone in on this trail, compromising a user’s privacy – or in the worst cases, even hijacking device functionality.  Unfortunately, most security breaches can’t simply be patched or reversed; when these contingencies occur, the damage is swift and permanent. . In the wake of these threats, a robust security infrastructure is needed to proactively safeguard mobile devices from any kind of breach.

Preventing Mobile From Security Threats Try Kryptowire

Open data, open Wi-Fi, phishing attacks, spyware, and applications with poor password protocols are all common security vulnerabilities. Each and every potential point of vulnerability needs to be identified and monitored: an insurmountable effort when executed manually. A more effective and efficient alternative arrives in the form of an automated application that quickly, rigorously, and discretely assesses potential vulnerabilities, facilitating the implementation of safeguards and best practices Unfortunately, most systems capable of performing these types of security assessments don’t meet the “discretely” imperative, poring through sensitive user data and compromising end user privacy.

Kryptowire Solution to Mobile Application Security

Kryptowire’s Mobile Application Security Testing (MAST) solution automatically tests the security and privacy of any mobile app, without needing access to source code. Kryptowire’s platform performs automated Static Analysis and Dynamic Analysis without a human-in-the-loop, speeding up security and privacy testing to quickly and efficiently identify known and unknown vulnerabilities in any mobile app.

Kryptowire adds automated security testing to your CI/CD pipeline by integrating directly with DevOps tools to automatically test app binaries as they are built and before they are pushed to production. For third party apps, Kryptowire integrates with your MDM/UEM solution to identify security and privacy issues for apps used on your mobile fleet, proactively identifying risky apps that can be compromised or leak sensitive data.

In addition, Kryptowire automatically downloads and tests apps from the App Store as new versions become available, allowing you to quickly identify risky updates to apps before they cause a problem.

Benefits of Kryptowire solutions:

  1. End-to-end analysis of every piece of software on the  device, including hidden system apps and pre-loaded  apps
  2. Each app binary is run through a combination of  Kryptowire’s Closed-Loop Analysis (CLA) system &  manual tests
  3. Experts analyze the results to identify data leaks, backdoors, and other issues
  4. Experts then develop PoC attacks that can exploit the issues to demonstrate the threats
  5. Detailed reports are produced, and all details are stored in Kryptowire’s Mobile Device Assessment Library
  6. Firmware updates are evaluated as they are released

It is a global solution that takes into account all kinds of industries like banking & financial, healthcare, manufacturing, government & military, automotive, gaming, etc. It is said to be most powerful in testing standards as it involves a careful sifting of all platforms. There are many other miscellaneous security requirements that are also served by the solution which aptly helps customers safeguard their applications extensively.

The motive of Kryptowire solutions:

The motive of this solution is to render users a completely safe and secure digital space within the proverbial “walls” of their mobile device. Kryptowire mobile app security testing is a perfect choice to proactively and rigorously search for key vulnerabilities before they can be exploited. As personal and commercial activities continue to go “mobile first,” a vigilant security and privacy posture is crucial, and on this front, Kryptowire MAST delivers both exceptional functionality and subsequent peace of mind.


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