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Things You Should Consider Before Purchasing A Water Heater

Buying a new water heater is not something you would do every now and then, so if you have decided to buy a new water heater than you have to consider certain things before buying it.

Always buy geyser online after considering the below factors.

Things You Should Consider Before Purchasing A Water Heater

  1. Power source

The most common residential water heater or water geyserruns on gas or electricity. If your existing water heater is gas-fired, be sure whether it uses natural gas or propane. Gas water heaters generally have a higher up-front cost and require also requires good ventilation for health and safety. However, they have a lower operating cost.

Electric models tend to have a smaller up-front cost but higher operating costs. So chose the water heater or water geyser as per fuel source available at your house.

  1. Energy efficiency

No matter which source of power you choose, a water heater can a lot of power. Therefore, you should select a water heater or water geyserwhich is energy efficient. Fortunately, these days all new water heaters have a high degree of energy efficiency all you have to do is to look for the number of BEE Starrating on the unit out of 5. The star rating measures how efficiently a unit converts energy into heat. More the stars, the more efficient the water heater.

  1. Type of Storage

A storage water heater operates by continually heating and storing hot water, then releasing it from the top of the tank when hot water heater outlet is turned on. Because the water is continuously heated in the tank, energy getswasted. But now, new energy efficient storage models are available which reduces the amount of heat loss and energy wastage.

It is possible to eliminate heat waste and reduce energy consumption by 20 to 30 percent with on-demand or tankless water heater, which is either electric water heater or gas, powered heater. But there is one potential drawback with demand water heaters—limited flow rate, which can be problematic in a large household where multiple people may need hot water at once.

  1. Storage capacity

Most tank water heaters are evaluated by how manylitres they hold. The first-hour rating and the litres-per-minute rating for storage-tank water heater tells how quickly water is heated and delivered over a period. On-demand water heater does not hold any water, but the gallons-per-minute rating indicates the “capacity” of flow. If you plan to draw hot water from multiple sources simultaneously, you may consider two or more units to run in parallel for an adequate flow rate.

  1. Space

Another important factor to consider for your selection is the available space. If your area does not accommodate a standard-sized water heater, there are alternative options. Small sized water heaters, hold the same amount of water, while still fitting in areas with limited headroom. Tank-less water heaters also typically take up very little space compared to traditional tank options.

We hope that the above-listed factors will help you in buying a water heater or water geyser that is best for you.

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