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Things to Remember While Choosing an Animation Course

The popular demand for 2D and 3D animation movies, TV Shows, cartoons, and related content has opened up many opportunities in the animation industry.

While Choosing an Animation Course

The growth of the animation and VFX industry in India is exponential as top-rated organizations in the country continue to collaborate with global players, attracting young talents to choose a career in animation.

The pan-Indian reach of big-budget movies like Baahubali and Robot that relied heavily on CG content contributed significantly to this growth.

However, with the development of career options in the animation sector, many institutes are introducing an animation course in Kolkata and across the nation. Before choosing a particular institute/course, the aspirant needs to be aware of all the significant checklists, which will be discussed below:


The first and significant thing to check is whether the course has global certification or not. It is mandatory to opt for a course with government recognition to ensure that you would get a job in the future. Reputed institutes like APS offer hands-on training of the highest quality to ensure that the students get placed in well-known companies. It is recommended to choose such reputed institutes while planning to do an animation course in Kolkata. 


Do a background check. If possible, visit the institute and meet the Head of the Department and other faculties. Their passion and perception of the area are the reflections of their success in the near future. See whether they have the potential to broaden your intellectual horizon gradually. If visiting the institute is impossible, visiting the institute’s website and checking the faculty page for details is a good option. Also, staying updated is the key here since the Indian animation industry is quickly evolving. The faculty needs to pass on all the information regarding the changing trends to the young students. For instance, the age-old 2D studios of the 90s are almost non-existent as they have shifted to the modern CG pipelines.


Half-a-dozen high-quality CGI movies from Hollywood came to India for VFX-related work in the last few years. These include Black Panther, The Jungle Book, etc. As a result, the demand for advanced software for mechanism, modeling, and texturing has been on the rise. Several institutes introduced Mari, ZBrush, and Golaem, which activated the influx of a large number of students into the animation industry.

Though several institutes have these courses as part of their curriculum, students who are new to the field might not be knowing the nuances of the course they are going to take. Check whether the course would fulfill one’s requirements (specialization) by a thorough analysis of the course structure. In case of any doubt, consult with the course instructor.


Ever since the inception of the pandemic, an average Indian middle-class family has met with an economic crunch at one point or the other. In this scenario, the decision of joining an institute should be judicious. Aspirants should choose an institute that offers courses at an affordable fee. The amount would vary depending on the infrastructure, resources, technical aid, learning atmosphere, placement, and location of the institute. Reputed institutes have free online counseling sessions to make the student familiar with the institute and the courses they provide. Based on these sessions, students can choose whether they should enroll or not. It is a viable option since most of the students would have some confusion at the starting point of their academic careers.


The amount of time a person gets in an institute while doing a course is a significant opportunity to learn from the best. It helps the candidate approach things in a more practical manner which would eventually hone their skills as an animator. The job of the instructors is to bring out the best in their students and make them capable of excelling in the job market. To this end, course instructors should nurture a viable learning environment on the campus so that the student would feel at ease.


Do a background check on the placement history of the institute that you are interested in joining. It is essential to have an understanding of the reputation of the institute. Placement is a complementary feature that every candidate considers as a factor. Also, keep in mind that a successful career is the combined result of an individual’s hard work and knowledge in his/her field. Talking to the alumni would also help a lot to know more about the learning environment on the campus.

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