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Things to Look for When Buying a Gaming Desk

The Story of You and your PC

You have just bought your flagship PC.

You plug it in the power socket and start it up, you sit on your gaming chair.

You start up your favorite game, half a day later you realize you haven’t played this bad… ever!

You feel that your neck hurts, your ever faithful arm is tired…

You wonder: “What’s this feeling? – This never happened before”.

Helplessly and in pain, you open your favorite browser and find this article.

Your PC is not compatible with your gaming desk

We do not think about these things; however, small things like your elbow meeting the table at 90 degrees and having a non-cluttered desktop will help you with your gameplay immensely!

Along with having your desktop clear to put your coffee on the table whilst dealing headshots in your favorite FPS shooter or building your favorite Minecraft structure a good angle of your elbow to desktop will prevent neck pains which result in those nasty migraines.

Having your PC monitor just far enough from your eyes or fitting your gaming table in the corner can be solved by one of these customer favorite tables.

Why buy a Gaming Desk?

  1. Health benefits
  2. Better Gameplay
  3. Room esthetic

Along with health benefits like relieving your neck from pain, users that are forced to play on a small surface often use lesser sensitivity in games leading to worse gameplay especially in FPS shooter and reaction games like CSGO.

Most better gaming tables often have more space for the chair to move below it, this way you are not constricted to one single position from where you are able to play – a cool example and set up to explain this concept can be found here

When your favorite woman or man walks into your room, you wouldn’t get the classic messy room scalding while you are playing your game thus leaving you to focus on killing those bosses and pwning your foes!

Along with ease of cable management holes and the cool look a good gaming table will be able to store your favorite 8 speaker setup allowing you to enjoy the game feel more!

Not to mention storing your computer case which contains the 1000$ graphics card which you love more than life, instead of your cat climbing on it constantly you might want to consider a gaming table to store your PC hardware for this reason alone.

Gaming Desk

To choose a PC gaming desk suitable for you and your needs, you want to consider the architecture of your room, if you have a place in the corner you might want to look at corner desktop desks that fit perfectly.

If you have a circular room, you might want to look at some desks with this form.

Next, it’s important to consider the size of the table, if at a later date you decide to have a multiple monitor setup with many speakers it wouldn’t be good having to buy another desk.

And no, bigger is not always better in this situation, try to find the sweet spot where your room esthetic and the needs for your gaming experience are compatible with the table.

If you are playing driver games with a wheel and pedals, you should check out some of the stronger tables that have more thickness on the top and a hollow place below that allows you to place the pedals to have a full-on driver gaming experience.

Contemplate the distance from the monitor that feels best for you, having a massive monitor close to your face can have health issues like short-sightedness you might want to look at a table big enough to hold the monitor, keyboard and your arms up until the elbow so that your arms aren’t floating in the air all the time causing neck, shoulder and ultimately headaches and pain.

Having the big ol’ desk will definitely help you avoid the short-sightedness problem, eye strain migraines, and letting you go full on and gaming stress-free for a longer time.

Most better gaming tables allow for easy access to your PC case so that you are able to plug in a cable or clean the case better.

Along with allowing for the circulation of air these desks often have a setup for cable management leading to a less cluttered feel, less dust accumulation and the materials used are often less isolating allowing for your case not to have a miniature greenhouse effect and for it to work at a temperature best suited for optimal performance.

A very important thing to consider is weight capacity and durability of these materials used.

Most gaming tables are made of a combination of plastic, metal, and wood.

These materials hold all the weight from your monitor or monitors, all the speakers, your arms, and gadgets like driving wheel better especially when you are turning that wheel hard.

These durable materials take impacts from your rage tantrums when you simply are not having a good gaming day and will not come back to bite your wallet, unlike the standard table.

Gaming is an ever-growing community and industry drove many new design and style ideas opening a whole array of options from color to shapes, to styles for you to choose from.

Options like drawers for gaming equipment, keyboard pullout, and mouse pullout benefit leaving your desktop clutter-free from even the PC equipment.

Speaker storage gives you extra bass due to the table’s specificity, some high-end tables include a monitor pullout option allowing the top of your table to have basically nothing visible until you decide to use your device and play your favorite game!

The first and final thing to consider is your health definitely.

The ergonometric of your chair fitting the table perfecting will clear future concerns like having bad posture due to proper body placement, carpal tunnel syndrome which occurs when your hand is not often changing its angle in the wrist.

Having elevated or lowered elbow can further worsen this issue, the symptoms can include numbness, tingling, and weakness in the hand and arm possible for life if left untreated!

At the end of the day choosing the right table you should consider the things mentioned above, having the health concerns in mind whilst thinking about your gameplay.

With all these points in mind, good luck and enjoy your game!

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