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Things to Consider When Buying an Environmental Chamber

An environmental chamber is used to test different kinds of equipment and product under known environmental conditions. The conditions comprise of different variables such as temperature, humidity, pressure etc. The advanced types can run programs to change the variations on high ranges and validate the performance of different products and equipment when subjected to all types of normal and extreme temperature and humidity. There are some specialized chambers which can be used for EMI testing too. Some of the things to keep in mind when purchasing an environmental chamber are given below:

Environmental Chamber


Chambers are available in all sizes, right from small cubic foot to walk-in chambers. You also have portable chambers which aren’t very big but some can be so big that they can hold several rack size equipment pieces in one go

Temperature conditions

The temperature conditions are determined by:

  1. Quantity of power accessible
  2. Size of the chamber
  3. Amount of cooling required
  4. Amount of heat expected for testing
  5. Number of items to be tests simultaneously

The measurement unit used can either be Celsius or Fahrenheit and British Thermal Units are quantifying the quantity of heat which needs to be moved. Cooling is also offered in several ways depending on how quick and cool the chamber has to be. All the chambers need some kind of cooling to maintain its ambient. The minimum temperature which a chamber can accomplish is known by how many stages or compressors it features. Single stage chambers can have cooling up to -35 degree Celsius. Two stage chambers roughly have cooling of -70 degree Celsius. And, in case you require quick cooling, then a lot of chamber come decked with liquid nitrogen fitting. They shorten temperature cycle times and accelerate temperature excursions, thereby revealing problems much quicker. It is also because of physical stress which happens due to quick contraction and expansion over temperature against slower temperature transitions.


The power of a device or product to stand against hard humid climate can be assessed by using chambers which use humidity control. Just like the other chamber, a drain for condensation is needed to be implanted. An additional requirement for humidity chamber is the passage of soft water. It is because the chamber doesn’t develop scale from hard water. According the size of the chamber and variation in temperature in coordination with ambient humidity, a sufficient quantity of condensation is developed. There are two kinds of humidity conditions known as condensing and non-condensing. They are used depending on the type of equipment test you are going to do. Marine equipment have a completely different need in comparison to lab equipment.

Common sense cautions

Just like anything which produces high temperature, caution should be taken when you are handing test equipment and products when doing extreme temperature test in environmental test. Keep in mind that sub-zero temperature can lead to burns and also frostbite. Hence it is advised, unless the test conditions requires otherwise,you should return the test article to the normal temperature when it is still present inside the chamber.

Look for a suitable location where the chamber can be installed

Test chambers have different types of requirements. According to the kind of chamber, the requirement could differ to a great extent. It is important to know there is sufficient power supply available. In case the chamber is water cooled or has humidity requirement, then it has proper acceptable water supply and draining facility? Does it has the high rate of change which surpasses abilities of mechanical cooling?

In case the unit comes where it get affixed? Do you have a proper location for it? It is important to pay attention to the path of the chamber at the time of delivery to ensure that it can pass through all the openings and reach at its establishing destination. You should keep the location ready from beforehand to accommodate the environmental test chamber. It wipes out all the hard work and headache of the moment.

Where can you find environmental chamber suppler?

Well, since 2005, DG BELL has been providing a range of environmental chambers for sale. They offer top notch quality of environmental chambers to meet all your requirements and needs. They offer standard and customized environmental chambers to meet the requirements of their clients. The products are tested under all conditions to offer high quality and reliability. The company specializes in offering solutions for high temperatures along with humidity, height, stress and vibration. If you are looking for a reliable environmental chamber supplier, then DG Bell is your one-stop solution. You can speak to our executive and get detailed knowledge about the kind of chamber you are looking for. He will give the information about everything. Once satisfied, you can place your order.

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