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Do You Like To Ham It Up?

Some may think that amateur or ham radio is a thing of the past. Actually, it seems to be very popular.


Ham Radio Is Fun

After World War II, many people who were not part of the military took up the hobby of amateur radio. Many were simply fascinated with how radio communication worked. Others wanted to talk to people across town or even in other countries.

They purchased equipment, such as transmitters and antennas, got licensed, and began tapping away in Morse code. For some, the thrill of communicating with people on the other side of the world could not be beat. There are licenses for different classes depending on individual interests and proficiencies. Now, there are many new gizmos and gadgets that make it even more interesting.

Equipment Can Be Simple or Extravagant

If you are looking into this exciting hobby, you may wonder what you need. Do you need a 20-foot-high antenna? What is ham radio or what kind of radio do you need? You may find it interesting that while you can buy equipment, you can even make some of your own parts.

In general you will need a transceiver and a radio as well as a power source and an antenna. To connect your transmitter to your antenna, you’ll need a coupler, but it may not need to be as sophisticated as a quadrature hybrid coupler unless you have an intricate system.

Your system can be elaborate or simple, depending on what you want to do. Perhaps you want to add a weather station or tower or multiple computers. Your local amateur radio club can help you figure out what equipment you need depending on your interests,

Radio Communications Can Help in Emergencies

Actually, you no longer need to learn how to tap out words to be a ham radio operator, but you can learn that skill if you want. Many people nowadays use voice or digital communications, especially if they are focused on emergency preparedness or are a member of a local Amateur Radio Emergency Service.

Radio can be used in many cases when other forms of communication, such as cell phones and landlines, are down. Ham operators are often part of a team designed to relay information when normal infrastructure is down.

You can do ham radio whether you are interested in it as a hobby or want to be helpful during the next disaster. Try it out – maybe this is what you’ve been looking for.

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