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Things To Consider To Buy The Wireless Office Phone

Do you need a phone set in your office? Want to have a wireless phone system in your working zone so that you can communicate to your clients anywhere in your office? Then its good option to have wireless office phone so that you can easily get connected with your colleagues, employees or clients anywhere in the office range. Now the question is what things to be focused when you purchase such phones.

Things To Consider To Buy The Wireless Office Phone

The cordless range is important

When you survey a market to buy a DECT cordless phone it is very important to check the range. It is useless to buy the phone that has very low or limited range. The new advance phones are coming that covers about 300 meters’ range and 50 meters inside the range. That means it is good coverage area. Try to shortlist the models that provide approximately this range. Some factors like walls or things may interfere with signals therefore, you can ask or check the range before buying the phone. Many retailers provide the test in order to satisfy their customers.

Call transfer and intercom feature

Another feature that office cordless phone must have is the call transferring property. In office, there is a need of call transfer to another colleague. This is important to save the time of other employees as he doesn’t have to leave his seat and he can attend the call in his cabin. Almost all modern DECT handsets are coming with this feature. Prefer this type of phones.

Answering machine

Most advanced phones are coming with this feature. It is essential in the office because sometimes you are not in your seat due to lunch break, meeting, bathroom or on leave. The presence of answering machine will record all your important messages so you can respond to them as soon as you will back to your cabin. Some models have a screen that you can see text messages, and respond back with the message.

Choose the number of handsets you need

The phones are available in single, double, triple or tetra pack handsets. Before you go to market first check your office demand. If you want an interconnected system, then it’s good to prefer multiple handsets that not only act as phone but intercom also. In case if you buy a single set you can connect with other handsets that are compatible with generic access protocol. In this way, you can form the unit with compatible cordless phone sets.


Different phones are available at different cost range. Check your office budget and purchase the phone that comes in that range. Try to buy the high quality phone set with all properties that meet your work demand and keep working for a long time.

Purchasing the cordless handset is not a big issue but you have to do little effort in order to get the best one having all features in your budget range. Don’t compromise on quality as the low-cost phone may show all features but they are not useful for the long time span.

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