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Things to Avoid When Capturing Product Photos

There are certain things that you should always avoid when capturing product photos. You will have created a lot of problems later if you do not avoid them. Usually, they may come either in the form of legal contracts or desist letter. It is very necessary you follow the commercial rules when making the captured pictures accepted to the public.

You need to have pre permission when capturing certain things like location, place and people. This article is all about things that you try your best to avoid when taking pictures. Interestingly, you will save your money from e-commerce photo editing when you avoid these things.

Faces of People

You will definitely be involved in many contracts and agreement when capturing the photos in public. You might be looking for a good way to avoid these legal contracts. Capturing the shots of a passerby is the best way in that case. It will not reveal the identity of people. This will save you from all the legal issues you could have encountered.

Price Tags

You should avoid price tags like the plaque. They are known to bring an unappealing and distracting look of the images. To avoid this, you need to cut that when taking your shot. You should not be worried about the quality of the images. It will never interfere with image quality. You can consider using Photoshop to fix that if you have a hard time doing it.


Just like people, you will persuade many legal issues when you add children. In most cases, parents will ask for a signed release before the image is published. It will not only be time-consuming but also a difficult task for you. Besides that, it will also bring some challenges when it comes to the deadline.

Engaged and Distracting Backgrounds

Believe it or not, you need to avoid those backgrounds that are extremely busy. They might be distracting your images. The distraction of customer’s attention on the product that is far much away from your budget is arguably the biggest loss of adding the engaging background. Shoot the specific product with a white background.

Brand Names And Logos

Brand names and logos have a bad reputation for creating a problematic situation. If your images motive is not to promote and endorse the brand, you should not include the brand names and also logos. Photoshop will be of great help if you want to remove those names.

Ann Castro
Ann Castro
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