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There Are Many Advantages of Using Rugged PCs

When we think of technological advancements in computers, we think of them getting faster, more powerful, and smaller, but we don’t think of them becoming more durable. While many businesses are developing cutting-edge computers that don’t last more than a few years, other companies are making waves with rugged computers that offer their customers performance and reliability.

Advantages of Using Rugged PCs

Take, for example, Small PC — which has made a name for itself for delivering reliable and effective solutions. Established in 1993, this company builds and tests its specialized computers, LCDs and keyboards for reliable 24/7 operation.

It tests its computer thoroughly with a 60-point quality control/test and burn-in procedure. Its computers are drop tested, so they’re resistant to shock. They’re also waterproof with no moving parts. It’s no wonder thatthis company serves renowned clients like Boeing, Dow Chemical., Lockheed Martin, GE Energy, the US Navy etc.

Here are some industries that use rugged PCs:

  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Energy
  • Mining
  • Industrial Automation
  • Entertainment
  • Outdoor Recreation
  • Transportation
  • Agriculture
  • Meat
  • Marine
  • Military
  • Security
  • Public Safety
  • Logistics
  • Horticulture
  • Restaurant
  • Railway
  • Warehousing

Let’s look at some benefits of using rugged PCs:

I. Durability

While a regular PC may crash within a few years and cost a companyvaluable data and revenue, a rugged PC is long-lasting and can thrive in many extreme conditions. For example, a rugged computer can function in heat, cold, and wet or dusty conditions. It can also handle shock and vibration, whether in a police car or on a survey boat.

II. Versatility

From the right manufacturer, a rugged PC can be customized to suit the needs of just about any industry. Whether a business needs rugged PCs with fast processors, more RAM, a quick and reliable Solid State Drive, or a panel-mount, rack-mount, LCD PCs, PCs without fans, or a system with no moving parts, they can find the correct model. Failing this part, companies such as Rigel Engineering also create components at popular customer request to be used for a more bespoke purpose, such examples include CPCI processor modules specifically designed to customer request, these can be used for a wide range of uses but do also excel in specific design application.

III. They Can Perform Outdoors

One of the clearest advantages of ordering rugged PCs is that they can perform outdoors. Even the most highly rated regular PCs struggle to handle humidity or perform optimally in bright and sunny areas.

However, a rugged PC can be equipped with an equally rugged sunlight readable LCD. A sunlight readable LCD is known for its clarity and contrast even in bright sunlight. In addition, such all-weatherLCDs are available with touchscreens, which further enhances their functionality outdoors.

IV. Rugged Computers AreCost-Effective

Companies quickly realize that rugged computers are more cost-effective than regular PCs, especially if they have paid astronomical costs to recover critical data from their malfunctioning PCs or if their operations suffered.

While the upfront cost of rugged computers can be higher than regular PCs, they can last much longer. In addition, companies can take advantage of computing in challenging environments with rugged computers to improve their business. For example, a meat processing company can perform accurate inventory management right on the factory floor with a computer that can handle the temperature and moisture.

These are just four of the many advantages of using rugged PCs. The durability, performance, and versatility make them the best option for your organization.

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