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The Vital Importance Of Having A University Education

The job market in Australia is extremely competitive at the moment and it is only going to get more competitive as more and more people are going to, or returning to education. In the past, the experience was enough, but now that is not the case. Successful companies now want their staff to be educated and they want to hire someone that can deal with different people day in and day out. Having the right education separates you from those who don’t and that will put you ahead when it comes to choosing between you and someone else.

The Vital Importance Of Having A University Education

If you look at any job specification now, you will see that a degree is a requirement and if you don’t have one, then you don’t even get to have a foot in the door. You are passed over from the onset and that will continue until you seriously consider going to university or returning to it, if you attended before. We all want to have a successful career and go on to make enough money so that we can hopefully retire early, but you need to put the hard work in at university to even get on the first rung of the career ladder.

Choosing the right degree can be quite difficult as you want to study something that is interesting, but also prepares you for most situations in life and the workplace. A Bachelor of Arts from JCU (James Cook University) will take you in the right direction as this covers all aspects of life and work. Returning to, or going to college or university is one of the smartest decisions that you will make in your life and here are some reasons why.

  • It improves your overall long term future because you will gain a qualification that is not only recognised all across Australia, but all around the whole world as well. It is a fact that university graduates earn more money that those who don’t have a degree and this allows them to have better financial stability as well.
  • Going to university isn’t all about the degree, although it is important. It teaches you life skills and encourages you to be creative and think independently, which is a very useful skill to have in the work place and in your life. You will experience new cultures and make business contacts from all around the world.
  • Doing a degree teaches you leadership skills and how to be responsible for your own actions. You will be a better boss and a manager and your employees will respond to you better. It is the place where you will network and build up mentors and friends who will be there for you when you need them.

The importance of a university education cannot be understated and it will be your first step into the real world of competition. You will gain the confidence that you haven’t had up until now and the opportunities will keep presenting themselves to you.

John Paul
John Paul
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