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The Top 5 Headphone Brands Of 2021 – A Short Practical Guide

Our guide will tell you about the top 5 headphone brands of 2020. Moreover, you will have the best options for headphones at a wide price range to choose from these brands. To narrow down the headphone brands, we got a chance to know about several brands.

Hence, we have shortlisted five brands of headphones that accommodate all types of headphone users. Other than that, you will find the headphones with durable quality, excellent comfort level, reliability, and convenience of use.

Below are the top 5 headphones brands of 2020, have a look!

The Top 5 Headphone Brands Of 2020To Choose From


On top of our list, we have the Sennheiser headphones that have high-quality headphones. Moreover, the price range of Sennheiser headphones is wide. This brand is making several types of headphones to fulfill the requirements of the buyers.

This company started in 1945, and it became famous for the omnidirectional microphone. Best of all, the Sennheiser has a wide variety of audiophile headphones at an affordable price range. However, some of the Sennheiser headphones have a higher price tag of up to 700 dollars.


The next brand of headphones is JBL,which has the most comfortable headphones. Besides, this company makes headphones that are great for recreational purposes. Also, you will find the best studio headphones from JBL.

Best of all, this brand has top-class headphones with subwoofers as well. Therefore, you need to consider the JBL headphones for professional use. This company has versatile headphones, and the new headphone models of JBL are unbeatable.

If we compare JBL headphones with sennhieser, then JBL is quite affordable. Likewise, the JBL headphones are larger than other headphone brands in our guide. In addition, there is an option to buy the refurbished headphones to cut down the price.


To have the best quality, you need to buy the pricier headphones that sony is offering. Furthermore, this brand of headsets has high-end audio quality, and it started in 1946. Indeed, sony is the best company for electronics.

Due to the impressive quality and construction of sony headphones, it gained popularity all over the world. The most expensive headphones of sony have 2000 dollars’ price tag.


You must know about the bose headphone brand. This company of headphones started in 1964, and they have headphones that mostly have a price tag of 300 dollars to 400 dollars.bose offer the Smule Headphones by bose.

No doubt, the bose headphones have great sound quality, but some of their headphones are extremely expensive. You can find similar features of headphones in other brands at a low price as well.

Beats Headphones By Dre

Last but not least, beats headphones are loved by many music lovers. Without a doubt, you will have an impressive listening experience with beats headphones. This company started in 2006.

On the other hand, beats headphones are affordable; the price range lies between 60 to 400 dollars.

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