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The Top 10 Exterior Signs That Will Help People Find Your Business

Choosing the right exterior signs for your business is a necessity. You need to make sure the consumers know you are open and are ready for them to come inside to look around, see what you are offering, and make a purchase if they want to. There are certain exterior signs that are known for being some of the best options to use when you are running a business because they will help you draw in even more attention for that business.

LED Channel Letter Sign

The LED channel letter sign is the kind of sign you can have installed on your storefront. Many business owners use these lighted signs to draw in attention from consumers because those consumers can see the name of the business from a distance, even if it is a bit dark outside. You can choose from different colors, fonts, and sizes for these letters before having them installed outside of your establishment.

Double Sided Feather Flags

The double-sided feather flags are going to get attention from people right away because they are large, they blow with the wind, and you can put them directly in front of your storefront. Because they are customizable, it is possible to choose the colors for these flags and then decide what you would like to have printed on them. For example, you could have images of products you sell posted on these flags or you could have simple words added to the flags, such as “Open Now” or “Come on In.”

Rectangular Yard Signs

If your business is located near a grassy area, you could always use a rectangular yard sign to draw in more attention. The yard sign could include some details about the different things you are selling inside of your establishment. People who are walking down the block may notice the sign before they notice your store, which could cause them to want to stop in and check things out if they have the time to do so.

Custom Sandwich Boards

Custom sandwich boards are convenient because you can put them outside of your storefront and then bring them back in at the end of the day when you are closing for the night. The messages on the sandwich boards may be changed regularly, so you could let people know about deals, promotions, or discounts you are offering at that moment, which could potentially entice more people to stop into your store to see what you are selling.

Business-Friendly Awnings

The business-friendly awnings are considered signs because they are attached to the building, provide protection to your windows, and may even have special logos and designs printed on them. While some business owners have plain awnings, you should have your business logo printed on the awnings before they get installed because then people will be able to spot the logo from a distance. If people are spotting the logo and realize there is a store that is not too far from them, they may travel over to check it out.

Roadside Swinger Message Board

Is your establishment located right near a large stretch of road where people are passing by regularly in their vehicles? If you want to get their attention, it may be beneficial for you to have one of the roadside swinger message boards to use outside of the store. You could update the message on the message board regularly, coming up with creative things to post that are going to make people want to check out your store.

LED Business Hour Sign

Make sure people are aware of the hours you are open and the hours you are closed by installing an LED business hour sign in the window. You can make sure the sign is shining bright through the window when you are open for business. Those who are interested in checking out your store could always write down the hours of operation so that they know when it is a good time for them to come back to see what else you are selling inside of your store.

Hanging Wall Signs

Hanging wall signs are an alternative to the traditional LED channel letters that many business owners prefer to use. If you want something slightly smaller and sophisticated yet large enough to really attract attention, a hanging wall sign can be the perfect solution for exterior or interior branding purposes. With the growing LED technology trend, you could print your business name, logo and contact information on a low-profile wall-mounted backlit LED light box sign that features SEG (silicone edge graphic) fabric panels.This type of hanging wall sign allows users to swap-out or replace graphic panels inseconds. Many companies are now combining interior hanging wall signs with traditional exterior LED channel letters. This method insures your branding is visible from the outside and inside the building. The most common interior locations for LED hanging wall-mounted signs are office lobbies and conference rooms.

Neon Open Sign

Neon open signs are bright and are going to quickly let people know that you are open for business. Choose from various different neon colors, including bright shades of blue, pink, or red, and then choose the perfect place to put your neon open sign. Some people like to put the sign in the window while others prefer putting it somewhere on the front door. Choose a location that you know is sure to get a lot of attention from people who are passing by.

Chalkboard Signs

Chalkboard signs are great exterior signs to use because you can personalize them and keep them outside for as long as you want to. For example, some restaurants like to use these signs to let people know they are having lunch specials or to let people know what the soup of the day is going to be. You can use a chalkboard sign for these reasons if you own a restaurant or for all kinds of other reasons, but it all depends on what you are selling inside your store.

If you want people to find your business, these are the top 10 exterior signs you should use. While you may not need to use all of them for your business, it does not hurt to use a combination of quite a few of these different options to make people fully aware that you are open and ready for business.

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