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The Tech behind Online Slot Machines

Like offline slot machines, online slot machines have complicated tech behind it that is built by some of the best and brightest in technology. However, unlike offline slot machines, online slot machines include complex graphics, which require animation as well as top-notch technology to run it. Let’s dig a little deeper.

Land-based Slot Machines Vs Online Slot Machines

In many ways, online slot machines run in many of the same ways as land-based gambling machines. Brick and mortar slot machines might seem a little bit different from the ones you play at online casinos, but in reality, they have many similarities when it comes down to it. The main difference is the technology you use to see the results.

Online casinos utilize many of the same random number generator programs that brick and mortar slot machines use. They simply serve the results in an animated way that is sent via the Internet. In other words, it has many of the same mechanisms and processes, but it looks different because it’s generated online, also making it easier to update when updates are needed.

Land-based casinos are using hardware that is a little different but the games work in the same way in regards to the random number generator. In many ways, online slots provide a very similar playing experience, much like you’d get in Las Vegas or Atlantic City.


Perhaps the most technological part of online slots games is the state of the art game design which come along with newer online slots. Many of them are very sophisticated and require teams of both animators and programmers to ensure that they run smoothly. There are entire gaming companies that focus on building these and they utilize a variety of complex technologies to do so.

Popular Gaming Companies

Some popular gaming companies include Microgamingcasinos, Playtech, Net Ent, BeSoft, and Everymatrix. Each of these companies employs gaming developers, engineers, programmers, and other professionals necessary for developing the technology. They not only animate and build the tech, but they provide safe ways for payment as well as unique branding.

Microgaming was already building slot technologies back in 1994 and they have grown significantly since. Eventually, they began licensing their games to other online casinos around the world. This allowed them to generate significant revenues. To date, they have created over 800 casino games, which are today played around the world and used by multitudes of casinos. Their slot games have a plethora of themes like Game of Thrones, superheroes, and historical themes. They also run eCOGRA, an organization dedicated to online gambling fairness and security.

Playtech is one of Microgaming’s rivals and they offer some very solid games as well. In fact, they are known for offering some of the most popular online slots games in the entire industry. For example, some of their popular slots feature themes like the Hulk, Fantastic Four, and Iron Man.

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