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The Surprising Benefits of Remote IT Support

The recent technological advancements have made it possible to offer IT support services away from the client’s premises. Through this technology, an IT support vendor can access a client’s system from a different location without necessarily being onsite. It is important to know the benefits and drawback of using remote IT support in order to make the right decision. In this case, the IT system can be accessed from a remote location like a mobile location, the IT vendor’s home, or the vendor’s office. 

On the other hand, onsite support involves physical presence of the IT support team at the customer’s home, branch, or office. The new concept is commonly referred to as remote IT support and has some surprising benefits that most people do not know. ResoluteTS, a managed IT company in Winnipeg is an example of IT support vendors that offer remote IT support to its clients.

 Benefits of Remote IT Support

The following are the some of the benefits of remote IT support: 

Proactive Maintenance 

Remote IT support makes it possible for the IT support vendor to constantly monitor the client’s system for any potential problem. This makes it possible for the vendor to conduct proactive maintenance and fix any possible issues before receiving complaints from the client. Clients are able to go on with their activities with minimum interruptions since most IT issues are addressed on time. 

Unlimited Access 

There are some instances where the technician may not be available to come onsite, and this can delay activities at the company. This challenge can be addressed by the remote IT support where the technician has unlimited access to the system any time of the day and from any location. 

This reduces downtown hours since some critical maintenance can be done after the regular working hours. Also, some IT support technicians do not work in permanent stations, and this provides them the freedom to serve clients from all locations. 

Tailored Solution 

Geographical limitations can hinder the IT support vendor from offering solutions that are tailored to your business. However, remote IT support makes it easy for the support team to come up with a custom solution for each business regardless of the location. 

Access to the best Resources 

Remote IT support guarantees better services as technicians have access to all the tools and resources at the vendor’s office. Some of the most advanced tools and resources may not be available in instances of onsite support. 

The technicians can use a shorter amount of time to address complex IT issues due to the availability of all the required resources. Operating from the head office means that the technicians can consult each other when solving complex problems. 

Guarantees Faster Fix 

As mentioned earlier, remote support IT support means that the technicians do not need to be physically present to fix the existing IT issues. This means that the problems can be fixed as soon as possible from any location reducing the amount taken to correct a client’s IT issues. All the issues can be solved in the office without moving to the site. 

Lower Costs 

Remote IT support is less costly as compared to onsite support since the technicians do not incur travel expenses. The billing is only done based on specific issues addressed by the IT support team. The time spent in traffic can lead to extra costs, and this is what remote IT support tries to avoid.

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