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10 Amazing Blogging Tools to Boost Your Traffic

HubSpot Blog Ideas Generator

If you struggle to find new topics to write about then use this awesome HubSpot tool.

Just type in three nouns and click on “Give me Blog ideas!”.

You’ll discover that you can’t run out of ideas for your content. And it doesn’t have to take you forever to generate them.

Blogging Tool to Boost Your Traffic - HubSpot


This amazing tool can show you what blog posts are generating more shares and backlinks. This way it’s pretty easy to spot the most popular topics you can write about.

You can put the topics you find here in the HubSpot generator to find new perspectives for your articles.

Another great feature of this tool is that it lets you know who are the influencers in your niche and where to find them. So, you can confidently use to outreach other successful bloggers.

Blogging Tool to Boost Your Traffic - BuzzSumo


Writing high-quality content is not easy. Every blogger knows it.

You may have the keywords, the topics and all the tools you need to write a well-crafted piece of content, but still struggle to write something good.

You may not have the time to do your research and write the article. Or you may just feel uncomfortable with writing.

In such situations, outsourcing this task to professionals can be a pretty wise decision. Especially if we consider the fact that contentadore provides you with great content for quite fair prices.

Blogging Tool to Boost Your Traffic - Contentadore

Google Keyword Planner

The Keyword planner is one of the main tools to use for the creation of SEO campaigns. It shows you the average monthly searches for a specific keyword and how high is the level of competition for it.

Since this is an AdWords tool, you can increase the exposure of your posts through Google Ads.


You can use Ubersuggest to amplify your keyword research. Just put in your keyword and receive lots of variations and suggestions.

This way you are sure you don’t miss any relevant keyword.


This is a word editor which makes your articles clear and easy-to-read. Basically, it highlights the parts that you should improve.

It will show you if a sentence is hard to read, if a word can be changed with a simpler one, if there are unnecessary words you can delete and other suggestions.


If you want your articles to be read and shared, you must add a good-looking picture. But finding a good one that is free for commercial use is not easy, right? Well, not really…

On Pixabay you can find tons of cool images that are free for commercial use. Just check the sidebar of the picture you like to know if you can use it.

Blogging Tool to Boost Your Traffic - Pixabay


That’s another great catalogue of high-quality pictures.
On Pixabay you have to check if a picture is free to use for commercial purpose. Here, they are all free.

Yoast SEO

Yoast is one of the most popular plug-ins for WordPress, and for a good reason. It improves the SEO part of every post you publish on your Blog.

When you draft your article, type in the keyword you’re targeting. Yoast will make you helful suggestions to improve the meta title, description, sitemaps and articles’ readability.

Blogging Tool to Boost Your Traffic - Yoast SEO


If you have to constantly create large amounts of content, this app will definitely help you to be more organized. Especially if you’re not alone and work in team.

It makes easy to create tasks, set due dates, assign projects to team members and move your projects from one board to another as they progress.

You can check this template to have an idea of what you can do with the app.

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