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The Significance of Intranet and Important Features to Expect In It

Running a business successfully requires a lot of effort that varies from situation to situation. For managing the company’s operational activities, online connectivity is becoming a basic need. Whether you are producing products or services, flawless communication and instantly accessible data is the first requirement.

There are many vulnerabilities in the cyber world that can create data safety issues for any company. Therefore, the concept of intranet comes into existence. It is a private network to share information, tools, operational activities and collaborate on a single project etc.

The Significance of Intranet and Important Features to Expect In It

How Intranet Differs from the Internet?

While they might sound similar, there are some significant differences that need to be understood. The internet works as a World Wide Web in which every connected device has a unique IP address represented in numbers and dots. The domain name server (DNS) provides a unique name to every IP address so that anyone can access it by entering a domain name in their web browser. Both server and host are connected to the rest of the world.

Intranet, on the other hand, is a private network of computer systems. The computer systems working within the intranet cannot access the services of the World Wide Web. They can only access the data available within the set of servers that make up the Intranet. Every computer will have a private IP address but will be managed in a controlled environment.

Why It Is Necessary for Every Company?

Nowadays, even the biggest IT giants are not safe from cybersecurity threats. Whether you are storing the information in a physical store or on a secure cloud, everything is accessible and open to theft (real world theft or cyber theft). Intranet connectivity is a reliable solution to mitigate some of the risks associated with cloud based and internet based solutions. The Internet network cannot access computer systems that are working in an intranet environment. Nowadays, many online companies are providing the best company intranet software applications for simplifying the workflow and communication within an organization. The modern intranet service providers like Green Orbit, have a lot of features that can meet the requirements of any particular organization. If you are thinking about using an Intranet, you should think first about what you are trying to achieve by utilizing one. For your convenience, we have listed some of them below in detail.

Main Features to Expect in an Intranet Network

  1. Convenient integration options

You need everything in one place in an organized manner when it comes to enterprise-level intranet connectivity. Accessing different drives, social media spaces and other tools are integral parts of everyday work. Your intranet network must have the capability of integrating all these services together under one platform.

  1. Feature-rich content management system

The content management system is not only meant for updating webpages on the internet but intranet also requires it equally. The entirety of information is distributed from the private server of a company. Adding new pages, updating existing ones and removing some outdated information needs a feature-rich CMS.

  1. Enterprise search for complete information

Just like the Google and other search engines, there must be a one-click feature to access the complete information available within the intranet. Choose the best intranet software of 2019 that is providing an instant search facility.

  1. Smart analytics

There must be a smart intranet analytics feature to manage and represent the data in an organized manner. The analytics system monitors the data and enhances the user’s engagement. The precisely calculated data figures help in making confident decisions for the future of your company.

If you want to increase security, streamline productivity, and have access to some excellent features, then an Intranet solution is something you should strongly consider. We obviously think Green Orbit is great, and we’d be happy to provide a demo for you if you want to try before you buy.

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