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The Secret to Increasing Website Traffic Lies in Backlink Building – Here’s Why!

Over the years, digital marketing experts have worked out a lot of strategies which will help in ensuring that a business website is properly searched engine optimized. However, there are some essential techniques which will never be replaced with link building and good content. But these are quite broad terms and can seem vague to you, so in this article, we have detailed out what the significances of these techniques are, and you will learn how to use backlinks properly to generate web traffic to your business page.

Website Traffic Lies in Backlink Building

  1. Understand which links are good and which ones are bad for your website

In the last few years, digital marketers and SEO experts have stressed that backlinks are the essential elements in search engine optimization. Although there have been a lot of rumors which claim that the value of backlinks will eventually fall soon shortly, but other experts have mentioned that it is certainly confirmed that the backlinks will always remain a major factor for good ranking in the future.

It is easy to get some traffic from search engines, without really resorting to using too many links. However, they will never be enough for you to compete with other more established websites in your niche if you do not build or earn good backlinks.

For you to improve the organic traffic in your website, you must understand which types of backlinks would be most beneficial to you with your Search Engine Optimization process and which ones are potentially dangerous and may even threaten your rankings. It is understandable that not every backlink is beneficial and your website’s Search Engine Optimization does not essentially depend on how many links you have got.

To get useful results with your search engine optimization efforts on a regular basis and improving the organic traffic to your website, you would have to check, analyze and examine all the backlinks and then make comparisons regarding the value they bring to your site. After you have identified the best backlinks, you must try and get more of them.

Some of the qualities of a good backlink are:

  1. The link will be from a reputed as well as relevant website from your industry.
  2. Links must be contextual to drive traffic and help in Search Engine Optimization.
  3. Links which are from big and well-researched articles will be more valuable.
  4. The backlinks are of the type “do follow.” To help in the organic growth of a website, only links with the tag “do follow” will work.
  5. Backlink has to be added by the editor; it cannot be, under any circumstances, be built in automatically.
  6. The link has to be from a reputed website, which is trusted and is credible as a source.
  7. The domain authority of the website, whose link you provide, has to be good and well established.
  8. Links from websites which have been long established and have years of active service are more valuable.

  1. Generate a strong linking system with internal linking


One of the most efficient ways by which you can generate more backlinks for your already existing articles or your sales pages is by simply using a strong internal linking machination. When you link your articles and relevant posts which you had written earlier, you will be able to generate quality links which can be used to anchor your preferred texts also. These links are of vital importance for search engine optimization and will help to keep your visitors spend some more time on your business website. Internal linking will thus help to keep your previous articles relevant and in vogue too.

According to David Farkas, it is of vital significance that you follow the steps mentioned in this article to drive more traffic to your business website because this will help you out in the long run with more clients and more revenues as it will help in people discovering your business website most actively.


Essentially speaking, you cannot help but run a good business website to represent your business in today’s digital world. Whatever your business type or niche may be, there is plenty of stiff competition from other business owners. Social media platforms are used as marketing platforms actively to ensure that more people discover their businesses and can then be converted to being paying customers and clients. All these are strategies for search engine optimization which helps in getting more people to discover your website over the internet. One of the essential Search Engine Optimization techniques involves getting more traffic to your site from direct search engine search results. The techniques mentioned in this article will help you in achieving this: getting more traffic and that will benefit your business.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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