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The Purpose of WP Reset – A Detailed Guide in 2019

If you are a developer and spends hours and hours in debugging plugins and themes for WordPress site, then WP Reset plugin is the right choice for you.

The WP Reset plugin is used to reset the site’s database to default without interfering with any of the files, and it is fast and easy to use. The plugin will let you delete all the customization and the site content. The plugin is preferred by many WordPress developers worldwide.

If you have never heard of this plugin then continue reading this article, we have covered every detail that you should know before using WP Reset.

Features and uses of WP Reset.

WP Reset plugin is packed with features that are useful for developers; it is a tool that is developed keeping the developers need and difficulty in debugging as a focus point.

WP Reset plugin has the following features:

One click site reset

WP Reset plugin has made resetting a site super easy, all you have to do is click reset and wait until the site gets reset.

WPI compatible

WP Reset with Wpi_CLI support, the commands can be skipped using –yes option to skip but keep in mind that if you use WP Reset with WP_CLI, there’s no undo.

Database Snapshots

You can reset your data and custom tables with WP Reset. It can also be used to find out what changes a plugin made to your database and it also tells you about the modified, deleted and site settings that were changed.

WP Reset


Partial reset tools

With the partial reset tool, you can

  • Reset the theme modifications which uses WordPress theme mods API.
  • Delete all the plugins and themes.
  • Delete all the media uploads in the wp-uploads folder.
  • Also, delete .htaccess file.

Multisite reset

This feature can be used to reset multiple sites simultaneously, operating this feature requires full concentration and developers have suggested to first try this feature on your sub-domains before trying on the main domain.

What will WP Reset do to my site?

If you reset your site with WP Reset, the following changes will take place.

Pages, posts, custom post types, comment, users will be deleted.

WordPress database tables and custom WordPress database tables with the same prefix as defined in wp-config.php.

WP Reset plugin - speed up WordPress development & debugging


Changes that won’t take place using WP Reset

Media files will remain in wp-uploads but will no longer be listed as media files under admin.

Plugin, themes, and uploads won’t be deleted. You can know about this better by using

The site title, search engine visibility, and the WordPress address.

Changes that will take place after clicking the reset button.

As there is no undo option so before resetting your site, WP Reset will ask you for your confirmation to make changes. After resetting you will be logged out and automatically logged in and guided to the dashboard of your site.


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Ann Castro
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