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The Pros and Cons of Viber’s International Calling App

Viber Out is one of the most popular VoIP calling apps available. It receives mostly positive reviews from users all over the world, who use it to keep in touch with friends, family members, and even colleagues. Here, we take a closer look and examine the pros and cons of Viber’s international calling app.

Free Calls and Messages to Others Who Use the Viber App

Imagine being able to talk to anyone anywhere on the planet without having to pay for phone service. This is one reason so many people give Viber’s international calling app high ratings: So long as others have installed the app, you can use all of its features for free. There’s one minor con, and that is that there are a few ads in the app. We really can’t complain though, as this is how free apps make the revenue that they need to continue with development and offer quality services.

Viber’s International Calling App

Cheap International Calling to Any Number

Viber Out offers an easy, inexpensive way for people to enjoy international calling to any landline or cellular number. The rates are excellent, typically costing far less than international calling rates charged by cellular carriers and landline phone service providers alike. Rates depend on the destination, and are clearly posted, with different prepaid international calling packages for consumers to choose from. For just $4.99 USD, for example, it’s possible to get about 217 minutes of talk time when calling India or about 263 minutes of talk time when calling numbers in the UK.

No Surprise Charges

Because Viber Out is a prepaid service, users know exactly what they are getting into before they start making calls. There are no surprise charges from cellular providers charging exorbitant prices, and there is no expensive landline phone bill to deal with later.

Use Different Methods of Payment

Whatever your favorite method of payment, it’s likely that you can use it to cover the cost of international calling when you use Viber Out. The company accepts top credit cards as well as PayPal, plus you can use in-app purchasing to ensure that your transactions are secure.

Instantly Connect to Everyone in your Contacts List

Viber Out is convenient to use, and callers appreciate the fact that they can simply choose a contact from their existing list and make a call without any extra steps. Additionally, it is possible to dial numbers just as you would with a telephone.

Available Free for A Variety of Devices on Android and iOS Platforms

Whether you’re a dedicated Apple user or an avowed Android aficionado, you can download the Viber app and use it as much as you like. The app works on most mobile phones as well as on a variety of tablets, laptops, and even desktop machines. You can check the Google Play Store or iTunes to determine whether the latest version of the app is compatible with your devices. Additionally, once you’ve set up a user account, you can sync the app across devices. The app is free to download and use.


Privacy is a top concern with many apps, and Viber Out is excellent in this regard. Not only does the app provide end-to-end encryption during all communications including international calls, it also allows users to set up their devices without creating a username or providing log in information.

Extra Features add Fun

Besides providing good-quality international calls to destinations all over the world, Viber offers its users a variety of ways to connect with others who also use the app. Stickers and emojis add fun to text and video conversations, and it’s possible to engage in group chats with up to 250 users. Video sharing and photo sharing are other popular features, plus there is a hidden chat feature that adds more privacy when you need it.

It Isn’t Always Possible to Avoid Charges

This minor “con” to Viber’s International Calling app isn’t the developer’s fault: If your cellular carrier charges you for data or if you are paying for time on the internet, then it may cost you money to use Viber, just as it costs to use other apps.

You Need a Good Internet Connection

While there are lots of things to like about Viber’s international calling app, it’s important to note that you need a decent internet connection for the VoIP service to work properly and deliver good audio to both parties involved in the conversation. What if your connection isn’t all that great? It’s quite likely that many of the other features including text messaging, video messaging, and voice messaging will still work – so long as the other party has the app installed on their device.


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