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The MS Shortcut Keys To Know

The MS Shortcut Keys To Know

You have several hidden shortcuts on your keyboard which can instruct and control your PC and wipe out the complete use of mouse. Using these shortcuts add to your experience and save you time. Here is a list of computer shortcut keys that will help you every time you use your PC and Microsoft Word.

First check out some basic computer shortcut keys given here:

  • Ctrl+ A- Choose full text
  • Ctrl+ X- cancel the selection
  • Ctrl+ Del- cut chosen text
  • Ctrl+ C- Copy the selection
  • Ctrl+ Ins- Copy the chosen thing
  • Ctrl+ V- Paste the selection
  • Alt+ F- File menu option of the present program
  • Alt+ E- Editing options of the present program
  • F1- Universal help
  • Ctrl+ End- Reach the end of the document
  • Ctrl+ Home- Reach the start of the document
  • Shift+ Home- Highlight from the present position to start of the line
  • Shift+ End- Highlight from the present position to the end of the line
  • Ctrl+ left arrow- move towards left
  • Ctrl+ right arrow- move towards left

MS Word and Excel Shortcut Keys:

MS Word and Excel are the most used Office programs. And if you are a frequent user, then you should be well-aware of the keyboard shortcuts which will make your experience more convenient. Here are some helpful Word and Excel shortcut keys give below:

  • Ctrl+ A- select the whole content of a page
  • Ctrl+ B- Bold the highlighted part
  • Ctrl+ C- Copy the chosen text
  • Ctrl+ X- Unselect the text
  • Ctrl+ N- Open a blank document
  • Ctrl+ O- Open options
  • Ctrl+ P- Print Window
  • Ctrl+ F- opens the find box
  • Ctrl+ I- Italicize the chosen text
  • Ctrl+ K- insertion of a link
  • Ctrl+ U- underline the selected text
  • Ctrl+ V- Paste the copied text
  • Ctrl+ Y- Redo the last action
  • Ctrl+ Z- Undo the action
  • Ctrl+ G, Ctrl+ H- search and replace things
  • Ctrl+ J- Justify para alighment
  • Ctrl+ Q- Align chosen para to the left
  • Ctrl+ E- Align line to the center
  • Ctrl+ R- Align line to the right
  • Ctrl+ M- Indent the para
  • Ctrl+ D- Font options
  • Ctrl+ Shift+ F- select different font
  • Ctrl+ ]- increase the font size by 1
  • Ctrl+  [- decrease the font size by 1
  • Ctrl+ left arrow- move towards left
  • Ctrl+ right arrow- move towards right
  • Ctrl+ up- move upwards in the para
  • Ctrl+ down- move downwards in the para
  • Ctrl+ S- Save

Excel shortcut keys:

  • F2- Edit the chosen cell
  • F5- reach a particular cell
  • F7- Spell check a document
  • F11- Make a chart
  • Ctrl+ Shift+ ;- Reach the present time
  • Ctrl+ ;- Reach the present date
  • Shift+ F3- Check the Excel formula window
  • Shift+ F5- open the search box
  • Ctrl+ A- choose the content of an excel sheet
  • Ctrl+ B- Bold the selection
  • Ctrl+ I- Italicize the selection
  • Ctrl+ C- Copy chosen text
  • Ctrl+ V- Paste it
  • Ctrl+ D- Fill
  • Ctrl+ K- Insert link
  • Ctrl+ W- Close the document
  • Shift+ Space- choose a complete row
  • Ctrl+ space- choose a complete column
  • Ctrl+ P- Print
  • Ctrl+ S- Save the changes
  • Ctrl+ Z- Undo the last action

For more information on shortcut keys, check this link.

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