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The Most Used Cryptocurrency In The World Is Not Bitcoin

What is the world’s most broadly employed cryptocurrency? If you think it is Bitcoin, which adds up for almost more than 2/3rd of the market value of entire digital-asset world, you are possibly wrong. Even though most of the newbies shift to bitcoin when they enter the market, the thing is bitcoin is not the most widely used cryptocurrency. On a similar note, if you are a newbie, using will be of great help to begin with.

The Most Used Cryptocurrency In The World Is Not Bitcoin

Coming back to the main subject, concrete figures on trading volumes are difficult to come by in this often tricky finance world. But, data from different sources show that the token with the highest monthly and daily trading quantity is Tether, whose market value is over 30 times less. The volume of Tether exceeded that of Bitcoin’s in April 2019 for the first time and has exceeded it consistently since August 2019 at almost $21 billion daily, as per the sources.

With the monthly trading volume of Tether almost 18% more as compared to Bitcoin, it is arguably the most essential coin in the crypto world. Tether is also one of the major factors why regulators look cryptocurrencies with a cautious eye, and have put the curbs on crypto exchange-traded funds in the middle of market manipulation concern.

“We lose a huge amount of daily volume if there is no Tether—almost $1 billion or more relying on the source of data,” claimed global financial technology co-head at ConsenSys, Lex Sokolin, to the media. “Some of the concerning possible trading patterns in the market might begin to fall away.”

Tether is the globe’s most employed stablecoin, a section of tokens that look to avoid fluctuations in price, often via reserves or pegs. It is also a pathway for most of the globe’s active traders into the crypto market. In nations such as China, where crypto exchanges are barred, users can pay cash to get Tethers over the counter with few queries asked, as per Sokolin. From there, they can trade Tethers for cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, he claimed.

“For many users in Asia, they like the concept that it is this offshore, opaque thing out of reach of the government of US,” claimed chief executive officer of Circle, Jeremy Allaire. Circle supports USD Coin, a rival stablecoin. “It is a feature, not an issue.”

Asian traders add up for almost 70% of all crypto trading quantity, as per Allaire, and Tether was employed in 80% and 40% of all transactions on two of the top exchanges in the world, Huobi and Binance, respectively, as per the sources.

A number of users do not even know they employ Tether, claimed a research scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Thaddeus Dryja. Since traditional financial agencies are concerned that they do not sniff out money launderers and criminals well enough, most crypto exchanges still do not have bank accounts and cannot hold dollars in aid of customers. So they employ Tether as an option, Dryja claimed.

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