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Considering Buying These Cryptocurrencies In 2020

By reading the title, your answer must be obviously bitcoin. Over the coming few months, bitcoin will be a direct recipient of accelerating demand growth and slowing supply growth all over the cryptocurrency realm. On the supply end, the 3rd halving this year will directly impact the quantity of new bitcoins arriving into the industry, and will result in relatively slow supply development.

Considering Buying These Cryptocurrencies In 2020

In the meantime, on the demand end, bitcoin requirement will shift higher this year just because this is the “entry” into cryptocurrencies for newbies. That is, as new investors make an entry over the next few quarters into the cryptocurrency market, most of them will likely begin by investing in bitcoin, implying that cryptocurrency requirement development in 2020 must run majorly parallel to bitcoin demand development. Newbies can buy their bitcoin from, which is the best place for newbies to begin with.

Pacing demand development plus constrained supply development will result in higher prices in 2020 for bitcoin. Here are some alternatives that you must consider this year to buy instead of bitcoin:


A top altcoin placed for possibly big gains this year is Ripple. Ripple is a firm that uses blockchain tech to enable payment providers, banks, corporations, and digital asset exchanges to send money all over the world, normally with the help of XRP, the firm’s cryptocurrency. In many manners, then, Ripple is the framework behind cross-border cryptocurrency transactions.

As cryptocurrencies get more mainstream attention, Ripple is adding increasing number of banks and different other clients to its network. Most lately, the National Bank of Egypt just joined hands with Ripple.


Privacy is a leading preference in the cryptocurrency community, and privacy-based coins will expectedly win big this year. That is why we have has selected Zcash (top privacy coin) as one of the top altcoin investments for this year. Zcash, which is already up almost 30%, is a pure play on the rising significance of privacy in cryptocurrency.

Basic Attention Token

One of the more interesting cryptocurrencies to see this year—and which can go bigger—is Basic Attention Token. The major idea behind BAT is very simple. The digital advertising structure is broken, in that advertiser and user incentives are not aligned. Rather, they run exactly opposite. That is, advertisers need users to see their ads, while users wish to skip the ads. The concept of BAT is to realign the incentive framework in the digital ad system so that advertiser and user incentives match to each other.

To do this, consumers get paid Basic Attention Tokens to see ads in the browser, so that they are now incentivized financially to see the ad. The end objective, obviously, is that more users see ads, and advertisers generate more brand awareness or sell more products. It is a very smart business structure.

And, as cryptocurrencies attain more mainstream user traction this year, this smart structure for compensating consumers to see ads must similarly get traction.

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