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The Most Exciting Updates are coming on MyGreatRecipes!

Everyone’s favorite cooking website and app are introducing exciting new features, all with the purpose to make cooking a fun experience, regardless of whether you are a skilled cook or just a beginner in the kitchen!

favorite cooking website and appThe Best of MyGreatRecipes

Those who have been using MyGreatRecipes love it for its simplicity and high-quality recipes, but also for its unique special features. The platform creates a virtual place where you can create a custom personal profile page that allows you to capture and keep track of your favorite meals, as well as communicate with friends and fellow cooks all around the world by following them (celebrity food bloggers and chefs included!), liking and commenting on their activities. The platform allows you to write posts, boast with snaps of your own creations, and save recipe ingredients to your shopping list.

New Way of Presentation

The purpose of the new layout is more than just good looks, even though it does look great! The main idea behind this change is convenience.

The new welcome page keeps everything we loved in the previous version – simplicity, conciseness, and high-quality relevant photos as primary guidelines that take you to a short version of the recipe containing the list of ingredients, accompanied by a direct link to the original website or food blog.

Now, MyGreatRecipes offers more than just delicious recipes; all the content – collections, user profiles, and blog posts- is at your fingertips.

The most exciting novelty is the blog that abounds with recipes, advice, healthy food, holiday suggestions and more, all with the purpose to help you learn new things and improve your cooking skills!

Another upgraded feature is the social media icons section that makes saving and sharing your favorite recipes and posts even more convenient that before.

Most Exciting UpdatesMore Advanced Search and Navigation

MyGreatRecipes is known for its efficient way of sorting the recipes into different categoriesin order to facilitate your search. There is a wide array of categories to search through, including holiday recipes, vegan and vegetarian recipes, movie night recipes, grill recipes, snacks, desserts, 30-minute meals and more! Just click on the category of interest and start typing the desired food.

MyGreatRecipes is constantly exploring new ways to make its users satisfied. Bearing this in mind, the platform introduces new features that are designed to make cooking a fun experience instead just a daily task you have to perform.

Now, the navigation through the huge database containing over 100k recipes is made faster and easier with the new advanced search algorithms.

In order to save you time and energy, the app and website offer two new features – ‘Trending recipes’ and ‘Recipe of the day’ to show you what other users love, cook, and eat and serve as an inspiration for your daily meals.

In addition, our editors offer recommendations based on time of day, be it breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack time, that are designed to help you compose your daily menu in no time.

Another innovation is the ‘tips and tricks’ section that accompanies the recipes. This feature acts as your personal assistant whose job is to suggest desserts, potential substitutesrestrictive regimensor food allergies, or side dishes that would pair well with the dish.

Learn more about these new features on MyGreatRecipes and start cooking like a pro today!

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