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The Most Beautiful Countries To Stay At These Winter Holidays

Now you know that Santa Claus is a mythological creature who never brought you a present or got stuck in a chimney. But do not let Mr. Grinch steal your Christmas – give a present to yourself! Buy a ticket to a beautiful winter destination to get the Christmas spirit. Most tour companies have hot sales, which means that as a student, you’ll get a cheap trip. You can also get your trip customized as per your requirement; Reach out to make your vacation a memorable one.

What are the countries with the best picturesque views? Check the article below.

Destination #1: Greenland

While the best place buy an essay or a college paper is the Internet, the best place for a winter fairytale is Greenland. With azure glaciers and horizonless fields of snow, Greenland is truly the Snow Queen’s palace. Before you visit the motherland of aurora borealis, bundle up!

Destination Greenland

In contrast to a popular opinion that there’s nothing left to do on the island, you can:

  • Take dog-sled tours and skiing trips and enjoy the lack of roads in Greenland. Yes, the locals use snowmobiles and dog-sled vehicles to commute from one place to another;
  • Enjoy the glorious Ilulissat Ice-fjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. While visiting one of the most stunning glaciers in the world, check the local art museum of Greenland landscapes;
  • Take a local spring cruise among the icebergs and enjoy the beauty of swimming whales;
  • Visit Viking ruins in the proximity of the Hvalsey Fjord Church;
  • Check the Sermermiut Eskimo Settlement. This is one of the most ancient spots associated with the Eskimo culture.

Destination #2: Japan

The country of the rising sun has magnificent winters. Most tourists come to Japan for skiing and snowboarding high in the mountains. The most notorious place to spend your holidays is Hokkaido. There, you can try onsen, a traditional bath right outdoors in the snow.

Not a fan of winter activities? Opt for snow festivals with marvelous ice statues and snow monsters. Most popular snow events in Japan are Kamakura and Sapporo festivals.

Want to dive into traditional Japanese culture? Visit Shirakawago. Like Ilulissat Ice-fjord, this magnificent village is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In winter, the whole village is light-up with lanterns, which is a true snow beauty.

Destination #3: Thailand

The land of flowers and verdant sceneries, Thailand is for those who hate winters. The place of eternal spring, Thailand, offers a variety of gardens to visit. Just make sure to check the blooming forecast first.

What are other things one can do on winter holidays without snow?

  • Go hiking up the Doi Inthanon in Chiang Mai. Sure, there is no snow, but the ocean of mist around and frosted flora are impressive;
  • Visit one of the oldest churches (older than a century) around Bangkok Old Town;
  • Check the nearest festival. Thailand events are known for bright lighting and joyful colors.

Destination #4: Finland

Lapland is a part of cold Finland. What is so special about this Finnish region? Everything. When it comes to the Christmas season, Lapland is a spot that attracts the biggest number of winter tourists.

Traditionally considered Santa’s home, the area has Santa Claus Village and Santa Claus Office. Yes, this is the exact North Pole place where Santa resides. Well, now you know where to start your trip if you visit Lapland.

What to do in Lapland?

  • Visit Santa’s residence;
  • Enjoy the beauty of Northern lights;
  • Ride a reindeer sledge and feel like a real Santa;
  • Check the Santa Park with ice galleries and workshops organized by elves.

Destination #5: Portugal

If you’re a fan of the mild climate and warm sunny weather, go to Lisbon. With fewer queues and lower prices, the city makes an attractive destination. With medieval castles, Renaissance monasteries and chapels, Lisbon is a fairytale come true.

If you want a peaceful holiday far from the crowded Lisbon streets, opt for remote villages. One of such destinations is Castelo Novo, a Portuguese village with cozy narrow streets.

Destination Portugal

What are other things to do in Portugal?

  • Visit festivals. Around holidays, most of them are devoted to the national cuisine or Mediterranean music;
  • Check the museums. The greatest Renaissance beauty is encapsulated in the local art galleries;
  • Go to the ocean. The waves are surprisingly high in winter and make a majestic view to a tourist.

Destination #6: Costa Rica

Another place for the true lovers of sun and warmth. If you always wanted to spend Christmas with palms and the ocean, go to Costa Rica. The place will spoil you with numerous rainforests and coastlines. Other spots you can enjoy in Costa Rica are volcanoes and rivers. The most popular tourist attractions in winter are the Pacuare River and Arenal Volcano.

Depending on your vacation tastes, you can:

  • Enjoy the rainforest hikes or climb the volcano. From the proper perspective, you will even see the lava flowing!
  • Opt for water rafting or snorkeling;
  • Rejuvenate in hot springs;
  • Visit San Jose.

Destination #7: Canada

This country has immense landscapes mesmerizing anyone who sees them.

While in Canada for Christmas, you can visit the following destinations:

  • Whistler. The home of 2010 Winter Olympics, this town attracts winter fans with bobsled tracks and ice-climbing;
  • Iqaluit. You’ve never seen a more beautiful star-spangled sky than the one in Iqaluit. Another great spot to see aurora borealis and ride a dog sled;
  • Ottawa. Can’t imagine your life without winter skating? Check the largest skating rink (7 km) in the Rideau Canal Skateway!
  • Quebec. Check the majestic architecture of the old city and visit the Quebec City Carnaval.

Final Thoughts

Traveling in COVID-19 era is more difficult than ever. Getting vaccinated is a must to cross the border and stay healthy while on a trip. Depending on your taste, you can choose a peaceful vacation or one with activities. Regardless of what you choose, the surroundings around you will be the most stunning.

Whether you’re on your way to wonderland, North Pole, or the country of the rising sun, enjoy your trip!

We hope the article was helpful to you. Good luck!

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