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The Importance of Website Architecture for Easier Maintenance

When a client gets a website developed for its business needs, you must be aware of the fact that it might need future modifications and customization in either front end design or back end functionality. The amendment can include version up-gradation of the platform, added features, or cosmetic changes.

There may be chances that a developer who has initially developed the website no longer works with you, or he might be in his initial learning phase when he first developed it. In both cases, if the website architecture has been ignored, then it won’t be elementary for the development team to maintain the website at a future stage.

Website Architecture for Easier Maintenance

What Is Website Maintenance?

The website maintenance process starts just after the website is launched. It is the process of keeping the website bug-free and up to date. It can also be looked at it as the process of checking sites to keep them updated, user-friendly, and secure from unwanted hackers. It can include updating content, adding new images, adding links, updating software, or more.

A custom web development service provider needs to have an experienced and highly skilled website architect who has a detailed understanding of code usability, in-depth knowledge of various development tools, and other marketing tools that are important for the development and maintenance of the website.

Why Is the Website’s Architecture Important?

Web Application and Website Architecture is essential for Supporting Future Growth of the client business as well. That is why it is imperative to have decent website architecture so that the website can be maintained without much hassle.

If the website’s architecture is well structured, it acts as the blueprint for other developers to easily modify and customize the programming code as per the client’s request. It can be easily enhanced with future interoperability decisions.

Website architecture can be designed based on company standards or through object-oriented programming, which defines precisely how an application will function.

Sound website architecture is the backbone of the website’s structure, and it not only strengthens your website’s user experience and user interface, but it also helps in website maintenance too. When the structure of the website inbuilt intuitively, your potential users can access the required information seamlessly and can quickly look out the data they’re looking for.

What Are the Benefits of Website Architecture?

Three major benefits of having a good website architecture for website maintenance are:

1.   Easy to Understand Code

The developer or development team who has previously worked as the custom website development service for your client’s website and has followed the guidelines and standards for a decent website architecture makes it easy for any new developer to understand the programming code. Removing redundant code at the time of development, creating objects, methods, and functions clearly in code helps any person to make changes in the existing code quickly.

Optimized HTML, CSS, JavaScript files, and removing unused styles can also play a significant role in creating a clean code for future enhancements. This approach is called functional programming, where programmer structures the overall code and creates functions that can be reused multiple times.

All these functions are defined at one particular place in the code from where you can use the features every time where you need to call them. Custom web development services put more focus on simple code rather than complex code for website maintenance purposes.

2.   Low Maintenance Cost

The idea behind using functional programming is to make your JavaScript code more maintainable and manageable. The more the code is compliant, the less would be the maintenance cost.

Any new change, be it functionality-wise or design-based, can be incorporated easily, reducing the burden of overcharge of maintenance code. The threat of code getting crashed, or chance of malicious penetrations is also reduced, and thus, the cost incurred in website maintenance shrinks.

3.   Quick Maintenance response

Companies that provide custom web development services are following the standards and guidelines in their firms where developers write reusable codes. These programming codes are easily understandable by others as it is written very clearly. Hence it becomes super easy to incorporate the up-gradation in the existing code quickly.

Any change in functionality or adding new images, contents, and links can be done with a snap of a finger. The client gets the updated website error-free in the least possible time and hence maintaining your company’s reputation in the market, which can then bring more business to you.

The website structure is of great importance. It ensures that the business requirements are met. The structure of the website is needed because every website has some specific objectives that must be fulfilled. Website architecture is prepared in the planning stage before the site is designed and developed.

Before starting on any project, it’s essential to team up with the stakeholders and development team and make sure everyone is clear about the business goal and has a clear vision before moving forward.

Website maintenance plays a significant role in driving search engine traffic and boosting SEO rankings. You can increase the chances of driving traffic to the website by choosing competent custom web development services that are expert in their work.

Frequently updating and maintaining the site ensures that the site is running at full capacity and affects its performance.


For a business owner, launching the website does not end the task here. Just as our other things need to be maintained at regular intervals, your website also needs to be up to date. The content of the website as well as its features should be maintained and updated at regular intervals so that the users are well connected to the business. The navigation of one page to another on the website should be kept minimum for maximum user experience.

By Custom web development services should work together with business owners for a successful long time relationship and therefore, it is important to create such architecture that can benefit users as well as developers in website maintenance.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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