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The fast, secure, and reliable application for streaming and downloading content

The entertainment advances have grown because people are more into entertainment demanding more diversity. Online video streaming platforms are used daily by people whether for educational, informational, or entertainment purposes. 

According to a survey, the average online video streaming time is 6 hours and 45 minutes by the audience. This large streaming time compels the streaming platforms to upload more content to engage people. for example, Youtube is the largest online video streaming platform and it uploads about 500 hours of videos per minute. 

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The in-demand features:

People who stream daily want to have more options other than streaming more videos continuously. There is a large demand of 

  • downloading the videos
  • high-quality of the videos
  • converting video to mp3
  • downloading WhatsApp statuses
  • music or movies downloads

All these features are not provided by the apps being streamed. There can be an internet issue or servers can get down and people cannot stream videos online. To overcome all these problems, vidmate is right there to help you access these features. 

What does vidmate do?

Vidmate is an ideal application to stream online and download videos from the platforms like:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Whatsapp status
  • youtube
  • TikTok

And so many other sites and sources.

Vidmate is a fast downloading app and does not consume more than 18.5 MBs of space and data. It is far better than IDM or any other app that gets expired after a specific time. It is free to use and has no expiry date. 

The content on vidmate:

Vidmate has separate sections of different categories. If you want to enjoy and download music, you just have to go to that particular section and a large variety of music will appear on your screen. All the latest movies, Vlogs, music, or any clips are just a click away to download with the help of vidmate. 

You can also log into your social media accounts on vidmate to download the videos from there. You will see a download option in the form of a downward pointing red-colored arrow on every video you go through. It has its own live channels for sports, news, interviews, fashion, lifestyle, and many more categories. The best downloading thing is that you can stream and download youtube videos. The user can enjoy everything on a single browser.

Why should you go for a vidmate only?

Vidmate is the most secure application for your phone. It secures user’s data. It saves user’s data and does not affect the phone’s memory. It is the best option to download large sized videos like movies, interviews, documentaries, or any large music album. Users can change the app language and use it in their regional languages for more convenient streaming. you can download a video of even 780p or 1080p quality. And most of all, the app is free to use. It does not charge a single penny. 

How to get a vidmate?

Vidmate is an external source application. That is why you cannot find it on the google play store. Just go to its official website Download and install it on your device. And you are good to go!

Tips on accessing the limited video links

In case you feel left out when there are some restrictions imposed by the state or because of any other reason. Do not panic; it is very easy when you follow the right strategy. 

  • Download a reliable VPN to retrieve the links of some important yet inaccessible videos, such as the allertaprivacy
  • Troubleshoot the search engine and check its settings. 
  • Check the network connectivity, many times a simple network connectivity issue.


Ann Castro
Ann Castro
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