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4 Ways to Keep Your Data Scientists Happy

If you run a business nowadays, chances are high that you rely on data to inform a lot of decisions. Business intelligence tools and data analytics are becoming more and more important to how business leaders gain actionable insights about their companies, offering information and details about customer behaviors, purchasing patterns, and a variety of other aspects of your company’s performance. As such, more and more companies are choosing to employ at least one data scientist who can manage these analytics platforms for your company and help you with analysis.

Obviously, with data being so important to businesses, it’s also important to keep the data scientists who work for you satisfied. Employee morale is crucial if you want to sustain your company. This is particularly true and important when it comes to hard-to-replace members of your team, such as data scientists. After all, when your manufacturing pipeline relies on historical data and machine learning tools, finding someone who can answer the question “What is industry 4.0?” who is also comfortable working with a variety of analytics dashboards is easier said than done. Keep reading if you’re interested in learning more about four different ways to keep your data scientists happy.

1. Invest in the right data science platform.

If you want to keep your data scientists happy, you need to recognize that the tools that they use have a major impact on how easily they can do their work. Data science requires a lot of high-level thinking and processing, which is why investing in the appropriate data science platform can be crucial to empowering your data scientists to do their job well. If you’ve ever had to work on a project with an outdated tool, you likely understand how an updated, more fully-featured option is much more conducive to your work. The same is true for data scientists. Look for a data science platform with industry-standard features such as artificial intelligence (AI), internet of things integration, and machine learning if you want to ensure that your data scientist will come to work with a smile on their face.

2. Stock your break room with exciting snacks and drinks.

Workplace culture is another important part of employee morale, and that includes how you’ve set up your offices. The break room is a much-needed space for data scientists to grab a reprieve from work, so give some thought to what sorts of snacks and drinks are present in the break room. In addition to offering water coolers in your office with fresh spring water, it might make sense to have a mixture of healthy snacks for your team to keep their energy up. A few different trail mixes (if your staff has no nut allergies) and water can be the perfect energy boost in the middle of the day.

3. Offer professional development opportunities.

professional development opportunities

Professional development opportunities are an excellent way to show your data scientists that you’re invested in them and want them to do well. Whether that’s sending them to the EIPM-Peter Kraljic Awards or having them present at a conference, there are plenty of small business trips that can show your data scientists you’re interested in them gaining more knowledge in their role. Best of all, these sorts of professional development opportunities benefit your company, too, by increasing your team’s skills.

4. Give appropriate raises based on performance.

appropriate raises based on performance

One of the best ways to keep your data scientists happy is to keep their wages competitive. The sorts of data insights that data scientists offer your company often have a role in increasing your revenue or improving your performance, both of which mean that you likely have more money in the bank at the end of the year. As such, it never hurts to spread this wealth around and give appropriate raises to your data scientists to make them feel valued.

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