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The Early Years Foundation Stage at Apple Tree Kindergarten

Kindergarten is an important stage of education for the early years of children. Unlike elementary school that focuses on academics, the stage at kindergarten will focus on the growth of your children during the early years. Besides learning, they will also get their character built through the process. The learning process itself will be different because, during the early years, children should enjoy learning especially. Thus, Apple Tree Kindergarten comes with the British Curriculum that gives the children the learning through playing experience.

Foundation Stage at Apple Tree Kindergarten

Early Years Foundation Stage Principles

The principles that are used at this Apple Tree Kindergarten is the early years’ foundation stage. It is implemented at this Apple Tree Kindergarten to help children to experience the joy of learning and find new skills through play. The children will have the opportunity to get a personalized learning method that will benefit their growth at their own pace. Thus, the focus is to help the children to learn and grow in a positive environment.

At this Apple Tree Kindergarten, you can start with a child as early as a year and a half. During this early stage of their life, this school offers a positive environment and learning method that is fun and loving. Certified teachers and mentors helped children to have a positive relationship with the close people around them. This character building will help your children to become a loving kid that is also learning about being independent.

The Prime and Specific Areas of Learning

There will be three prime areas of learning for the toddler and nursery classes. The child’s personal, social, and emotional development is one of the areas that the teacher will focus on. The teachers and mentors at Apple Tree kindergarten are dedicated to helping the kids to learn how to express feelings and to help them develop social skills. Physical development is also an important part here. Thus, spacious outdoor and interactive games are invented to facilitate the children. The third prime area is communication and language that will give children the opportunity to communicate and also to listen to others.

The Apple Tree kindergarten also focuses on the four specific areas that will support children in the early stage to develop and improve their potential. Literacy is one of the specific areas that will be introduced to children. Another specific area is mathematics. Introduce children to numbers, shapes, spaces, and simple calculations and also measures to improve their potential under a fun learning process. It is also important to introduce children to technology, environment, community, and places. They will have the opportunity to learn about their surroundings.

The last one is to provide them the facilities so that they can get to know about expressive arts and design. Children can enjoy the opportunities to experience art through music, dance, role-play, drawing, painting, and many more.  Apple Tree Kindergarten will guide the children to learn through playing and let children express themselves through learning.

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