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Dream 11 APK Download (Latest Version) for Android

Do you know about sports fantasy apps? These apps facilitate the users to create virtual teams of the real players and they can earn money from sports matches like Cricket, Football, Kabaddi, etc. The biggest fantasy sports platform is Dream 11.

Dream 11 allows you to make imaginary teams of real-life players and bet with other users to win cash. Points are awarded on the basis of players’ performance in real-life-matches. If you get the highest points against your competitors, you’ll earn real money. Anyone who has little knowledge of sports can use this app.

Fantasy apps are an emerging trend about sports and you can also try another amazing gaming platform like MPL Pro. If you have never heard about Dream 11 then read this article, we’ll provide a brief description.

About Dream 11 APK

Sports and games are a source of entertainment and fantasy apps have made this entertainment a source of money. Dream 11 is one of the fantasy sports apps and gives you a chance to earn money. It offers different sports choices like Football, Kabaddi, Cricket, Hockey, Volleyball, Baseball & Basketball.

For example, if you choose Cricket, you have to keep an eye on an upcoming event in real-life. Choose the players by using your skills and the previous performance of the players. You can make 11 teams of your choice. On the basis of the players’ performance in real-matches, your team will earn points.

It has become the biggest platform with hundreds of millions of users but it is not available on Google play store. You can download it free of cost from this page. Just tap on the DOWNLOAD button.

How to Use Dream 11?

It is a simple and easy app to use and anyone can use it for their favorite sports. There are a few simple steps.

  1. We have listed the sports offered by Dream 11 in the above lines. Select an upcoming match of your favorite sports and wait till the match starts.
  2. Before starting the match finalize the virtual team of real-match players. You can select, for instance, 11 players for Cricket of any team playing the matches.
  3. Now you can participate in free or paid contests according to your choice.
  4. When the match starts, check your points against your competitors.

Features of Dream 11

Official partnership with some big tournament organizers like IPL, BCCI, Kabaddi, and much more. It has become the largest fantasy sports app that helps users in earning money.

A user-friendly interface makes it an easy app for everyone. All the options are available on the home screen and you can explore these options by visiting the menu bar.

Earn Real Cash from your favorite tournaments and withdraw money easily. Create an imaginary team in Dream 11 account before starting the match. This team consists of real players playing in the real-match. You’ll get points on the players’ performance basis, and earn cash according to your rank.

Custom Contest is a new feature in an updated version of Dream 11. This feature allows you to create a contest and make money according to your needs.

100% free app and it give you a bonus of Rs.100 so that you can take part in a contest. If you use your skills wisely, you can earn more money.

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Final Words

So, we have described all the features of Dream 11. It is the best app among all fantasy sports apps, and you’ll find it true once you use it. Don’t waste a moment and download the app to earn money from your favorite games.


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