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The Danger of Gadgets!

Nowadays, gadgets are considered to be an essential part of our life. Nearly 65% of the world’s population use them all over the world. And it doesn’t really matter how old you are; everybody has them from children to the elderly.

The Danger of Gadgets

It is hard to imagine our lives without these devices. Sometimes it seems that this little piece of plastic knows more about you than everyone else.

Let’s be honest, if for whatever reason you forget your device at home, the entire day is going to become a real nightmare for you, since the idea that you’re missing something important will not leave you during the day.

Gadgets have become an addiction of the 21st century which engage more and more people all over the world.

But have you ever wondered how harmful gadgets could be for our children and for us in general? Radiation exposure, reduced interaction, sleep deprivation, damaged eyesight and, of course, addiction!

But, if you are an Amazon seller, gadgets can also become the reason for losing your selling privileges by getting your Amazon account suspended.

You may probably wonder how!

Let’s dive deeper, and we will try to bring to your attention all issues that your gadgets can bring into your Amazon business.

Some Common Scenarios!

Let’s say both you and one of your family members use the same laptop. You decide to check your Amazon account by using this laptop,without even realizing that your wife or your father are doing the same thing.  Suddenly you find your Amazon account suspended by the Seller Performance team.

In a panic, you try to figure out what happened, since you had not done something wrong and ran your Amazon business in compliance with all of Amazon’s requirements and regulations. The main reason for your account’s suspension is hidden in using the same laptop for accessing  different seller accounts that have completely different information.

That’s because these actions create a perfect storm for receiving linked account suspensions from Amazon. It is wise to mention that this type of Amazon suspension is considered to be one of the most common ones, since there are lots of people who are getting in such kinds of issues due to their unawareness.

Phones Away!

Another example when gadgets can become a reason for your Amazon account’s deactivation is when you use your smartphone for accessing your store. This problem becomes especially serious when you use public Wi-Fi for accessing your seller account. You can go to Amazon and read more about this policy. Believe us, it will help you a lot in avoiding linked account suspensions.

We strictly recommend that you read all of Amazon’s policies before starting to sell on this platform, since even a minor issue may become a reason for serious problems within your business. You can also contact e-commerce experts who will guide you on how to run your Amazon business and avoid getting suspended by Amazon.

We have already mentioned that linked account suspensions are considered to be one of the hardest ones when it comes to reinstatements, since it is too hard to prove to Amazon that you do not run multiple accounts on this platform and the issue is just a mistake on their end.

Therefore, when Amazon sellers face linked account suspensions, they prefer to work with professional reinstatement companies which are able to help them reactivate Amazon seller account suspensions faster and more professionally.

Whether we like it or not, it is too hard to refuse using gadgets in our common life. However, we strictly recommend that you find an optimal balance and do not spend all day  in your gadgets trying to figure out what has happened in the 5 minutes you put your phone down. In this case, you risk missing lots of important events which play an important role within your life. So, it is up to you to become a victim of technologies or just use all the advantages provided by them, including running your Amazon business from the convenience of your smartphone, without getting suspended!

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