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The Browser Plugin That Allows Businesses To Earn

Nowadays, it is common for most people to spend lots of time online on their computers. Internet connection has been made easy through fiber connections, and people have access to a lot of bandwidth, some of which might never even be used. So how can this extra bandwidth that would go to waste be leveraged?

There is a new browser plugin in the town called the Path browser plugin. This plugin allows users to use the extra bandwidth they have every time they are online to earn Path tokens. All of this happens in the Path network. The path network is a blockchain kind of network that allows end users to mine cryptocurrency by performing simple tasks autonomously.

Browser Plugin That Allows Businesses

Using the path browser plugin, a business’ extra bandwidth is used for internet performance monitoring which is requested by clients in the network. For instance, a client might request for uptime monitoring or page speed monitoring services. The plugin turns a business computer into a node that performs that task.

When the task is performed completely, businesses or clients earn the Path tokens. This system has made it easy for clients in need of internet performance services to get quick and reliable 24/7 monitoring services for their online businesses. As the number of nodes grows all over the world, the path network becomes very reliable.

The Path Browser Plugin

Most people are afraid of downloading and adding plugins to their browsers. This is understandable as some plugins in the market are malicious. They might control functions on a computer and sometimes even collect personal data from users. The path plugin, however, is unlike so many other plugins in the market.

It is a very lightweight plugin to start with, and therefore it doesn’t make the browser cumbersome. A heavy plugin can increase the load time of a browser significantly. This plugin, however, doesn’t hinder the performance of a business browser in any way.

The plugin also is transparent and can be turned on and off as desired. It is also possible to select what functions the plugin will perform thereby allowing the full user control. The plugin displays all the important information on a client’s browser such as the tasks that have been completed and the Path tokens mined so far.

It also shows the current status of the user whether they are mining, offline or not carrying out any functions. The plugin does not affect the running of the computer or the browsing experience of the user in any way. The tasks are efficiently carried out in the background, and they occur instantly as the user goes on with their duties.

What Browsers Are Compatible?

The plugin is only compatible with the Chrome browser for now. The settings on the browser should allow the plugin to run in the background.

The path browser plugin is a great way for all those interested to help offer internet monitoring services in the path network and earn in cryptocurrency while at it.

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