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The Astropress Plugin by Ask Oracle 2021

If you run a blog around Horoscopes and looking for the easiest and simplest way to embed horoscopes and astrology charts on your website then I have got something for you.

Aeropress a plugin by Ask Oracle is the best plugin to embed horoscopes and astrology charts on your website.

If you don’t run a blog about horoscopes but your audience is interested in horoscopes and astrology then also you can use this plugin.

Astropress Plugin by Ask Oracle

Because today also there are certain people who believe in horoscopes and astrology. And I will not here say whether it is good or bad. Because I am not anyone to judge someone’s belief.

If you happen to have an android app or looking for a deeper integration with your website, they also offer a json horoscope api that can be handy.

But if you think you have got an audience on your website who believes on horoscopes and astrology then you can use this plugin on your website. Also, there are people who wosh to know pretictions about their love life. for more visit

And that they will really appreciate.

If you are thinking of embedding the horoscopes and astrology on your website widget using Astropress plugin by Ask Oracle Team. Then you should definitely check out some of the features of this plugin.

Features of Astropress by Ask Oracle Team.

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Horoscopes

This plugin allows you to get daily, weekly, and even monthly horoscopes. It’s on you that what kind of horoscopes you want to show to your audience on your website.

Daily would be great, because then people will check out your website regularly.

Overview, Love and Money Horoscopes

Now people switch on to horoscopes and starts believing in it in their toughest times. Because there is no hope left for them other than this.

And mainly there are two areas where people have problems. One is “Money” and the other one is “Love” relationships.

Love relationships here means the relationship which you share with your really closed ones.

This plugin allows you to show your visitors horoscopes about “Love” or “Money” or “Overview”. Which is great.

And maybe here you will go with Overview because you don’t know what kind of problems your visitors are facing.

Easy Fit in the Website

It is really a very interesting plugin which many will think of embedding it in the website. The other thing is the easy fitting of the horoscopes results in throughout the blog.

Yes, you heard it right. You can actually embed horoscopes and astrology charts in posts or pages or even in the sidebar.

Which is really great.

That’s what I really like about this plugin. That it will display the horoscopes result and astrology charts anywhere in the blog or wherever you want it.

The best fit will be in the sidebars only. Because sidebar will be displayed on the each page and each post of the website.


Astropress by Ask Oracle Team is a wonderful and the best WordPress plugin for horoscopes and astrology. You can use this plugin on your website to show horoscopes and astrology charts to your visitors.

You can set this plugin to show them the Daily, Weekly, or even Monthly horoscopes and astrology charts.

And you can embed these charts in the posts, pages or in the sidebar of the website.

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