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The 8 Best Ideas for Smart Home


As home automation and smart automation both become more complex and more ubiquitous throughout society, the need to have one single hub from which to control it all becomes less of a fancy addition and more of a necessity. The automated devices which can all be controlled from one single hub are still relatively low-tech compared to what is on offer on the smart automation market, but the ‘internet of things’ is something which will mean that technological levels will soon catch up.

Security systems in particular have met with rapid improvement thanks to the increases in technology which have taken place in recent years. The introduction of linear actuators into home automation, as well as benefitting actuator wholesalers, have changed the way in which equipment can be used in the various systems which are available.

The use of linear actuators in home automation has changed the scene because it has opened up so many more possibilities in how technology is used in the home. Actuators can fit into small spaces, meaning that they have opened up new technological opportunities just by being available, completely aside from the benefits that actuators give to the automation technology itself.


Lighting has been used for years as a means of deterring burglars, and hiding the fact that people are out of the house. Home automation has meant that control of lights has changed from simply leaving a light or a lamp on a timer\having automatic outside lights, to being able to actively control the lighting which is available. Having the lights controlled from one central hub allows for lights to be switched on and off from remote locations, and also allows for patterns to be set.

smart home Light Controls Dimmers

Light Controls\Dimmers

As well as remotely controlled lights, remote switches are very handy to have. Rather than relying on everybody remembering to switch the lights off when they leave the house, having remotely controlled switches means that they can be turned off afterwards. Similarly, in terms of home security, being able to switch the lights around the front or back door if someone comes to the door at night is useful for safety.

Water Sensors

Water sensors are extremely useful for home owners, particularly if they are linked to a remote mobile device. While water is not so damaging as fire (at least not immediately), it can still do a fair amount to a home before the cause of the leak is determined. Having smart water sensors linked to a mobile device will enable home owners to be made aware of a problem almost as soon as it arises.

Smart Thermostat

Thermostats which can be accessed from remote devices are extremely popular, and are useful for home automation purposes because they allow for greater control over the temperature of the house. Smart thermostats are incredibly useful for home owners as a means of saving money, as it means they can change the heating settings in the house without needing to physically be in the home at the time.

Remote Home Control

Smart Security Cameras

Security cameras are useful to any home owner, but ones which are smart enabled, and which can be accessed from outside sources, are even more so. Having a camera linked to a mobile device gives the home owner a definite way to see who or what is on their property.

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