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Classic Games Consoles Redesigned As Cars

The intelligent design and use of technology has an incredible potential to improve our standard of living, to provide respite against suffering, and to help us care for ourselves and those around us. But if your life revolves around technology, you’ll also find yourself developing a healthy obsession with the way tech can be, quite straightforwardly, cool and fun.

Even the most conscientious of tech nerds can’t help but get excited about the newest games console or the next big thing in motoring. Games and cars are two very clever, very addictive uses of technology. So imagine if you could put the two together?

Picture a fleet of cars that were built based on the iconic designs of our favourite games consoles from down the years. So the Playstation 2 – which had a 128-bit, 294 Mhz Emotion Engine powering its play – becomes a powerful all-terrain vehicle with wraparound windows and a ridged chassis.

The Xbox 360 in turn becomes a colourful, driverless compact SUV which – like the console before it, which included a hard drive, DVD player, web access and usb ports – is in constant contact with its remote driver.

And how about that Nintendo Switch? It has changed the face of gaming consoles, and it would surely change the face of automobile design. A hybrid sports convertible that transforms into a nifty microcar at the press of a button will surely see you excel in any circumstances.

This kind of thinking is what inspired the people at Jennings Ford Direct to create a set of designs reimagining classic consoles as awesome roadhogs. Check them out, and you’ll be sure to find a car to covet, some ideas you could improve upon, and a whole lot of hankering after the game-play of consoles from years gone by. Ready to get revved up?

DV2_1_USS-Defiant-NX-74205 DV2_1_USS-Defiant-NX-74205 DV2_3_USS-Enterprise-NCC DV2_4_USS-Enterprise-NCC-1701 DV2_5_Borg-cube DV2_6_D_Kora-Class-Marauder DV2_7_USS-Voyager-NCC-74656 DV2_8_Klingon-Bird-of-Prey DV2_9_USS-Discovery-NCC-1031

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