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PMI is known as the project management institute. It has been created in order to set definite criteria and giving the aspirants a clear set of credentials, which will be helping them in recognizing the project management professionals’ work. 

The PMI certification helps the aspirants in providing the agile methodologies. This helps in project development. The PMI agile certified practitioner (PMI-ACP certification) always looks to work in an agile environment. The working and studying hours of the PMI –ACP training are definitely a tight scheduled. They have 2000 hours of rigorous training. You also can see the twelve-month of work in general project management experience. You will also have to spend 1500 hours or eight months during the agile work on a specific project. This will help you in gaining the experience which is required for fulfilling the prerequisites of the certification process. You also have to give the 21 hours in your agile practices on specific practices. 

There are a huge amount of material and courses which are there in the PMI-ACP course. Those entire courses are very much overwhelming and come with an extensive process. But there is no need to get panic, as we will be helping you with the easy method. In this article, we will let you know about the 7 basic steps that will help you in achieving the goal of passing the examination. You will also get the certification in one test only. Here we will provide you with all the details that will be very helpful in getting the optimal results, and you can excel in your career. You must do the head on practices and must follow the steps in order to get the certification. Now let’s focus on the following 7 points.

  1. PMI-ACP HANDBOOK – the handbook or guide of PMI-ACP certification brings you all kinds of details regarding the courses and procedures. The handbook gives you detailed instructions on all the exam policies and gives you all the required information regarding the examination procedures. In the first two sections, you will get to know about the benefits of PMI- ACP certification. These sections will help you in covering all the basic things which are required for exam eligibility. You will get the knowledge of applying the application online. You will know about the exam policies. The book will give you the detailed structure of the exam blueprint.
  2. TIME- the materials and courses that you will cover in the PMI-ACP exam are most difficult. You will find that when you go through the book thoroughly. This examination is not like preparing over weekends and qualifying. You have to spend your time acknowledging the course material, and thus you can fit into this examination.
  3. STUDY PLAN- when you prepare yourself as a project manager, the most important thing that you must have the skill of scheduling the project work. This skill comes within you from your preparation time. The well you scheduled yourself, the well prepared you to get.
  4. STUDY MATERIALS- there are lots of study materials, which will guide you in your PMI-ACP certification. The guides will help you in understanding the tools and techniques which are required for your exam preparation.
  5. SELF STUDY- it is regarded as one of the most important factors. Nothing is more than your own self-perception. How much your self-study will help you in the examination. So never lose that habit of self-study.
  6. PMI-ACP EXAMINATION PREAP BOOK- this book comes with lots of important question which can be asked in the examination. The book will explain to you various concepts that are very much required when you go for solving the questions. You can find the PMI-ACP guide near your local book stores ad you can choose the book according to your choice.
  7. QUESTION- there are large samples of questions that are available on the online platform. You can go through those questions, which will help you in preparing for the examination.

Getting free questions and studying them is a nice start. You must know there is a total of 120 questions that are asked in the examination. Before exam day, you must get well prepared about the subject content. This will help you a lot in getting the right answer.

Ann Castro
Ann Castro
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